The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 42.2

Translator: Leila


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Chapter 42 part 2

'Jean is a really nice guy...'

He has always been a good guy who cares about his friends, he knew that very well, but Sid felt that in the process of him falling in love with Clarisse and developing a connection with her, Jean no longer hesitated to express that kindness in words as well as in actions.

Sid knocked on the door and Mary answered from inside, so he opened the door and went inside. Mary felt more relaxed after she changed her clothes, and he could see that her complexion was returning to normal. Mary's face was pale white when he picked her up earlier, and Sid also felt mortified.

Mary had heard their conversation in the hallway and had a look of hesitation on her face, but Sid pretended not to notice, handed her the tray and sat down on the bed, himself at her feet.

She hesitated for a moment as if she was trying to tell Sid it was okay for him to leave, but eventually she picked up the spoon and began to eat in silence. As he watched her eating, Sid realized something, last time, when they went to the park, Mary was so adamant that they didn't go to the tea room to eat, so he had never eaten anything with her. Even during the trip, Mary, as a servant, never sat around the table with Sid and the others. Still, the manner in which a person eats is a true reflection of his or her upbringing and Mary was definitely an aristocrat, just as Sid had thought.

"Is it delicious?"

"Yes, very delicious."

Mary nodded her head as he waited for her to finish eating. As Mary watched Sid get up and take the tray with the empty container and put it back on the bedside table, she muttered, "Oh,". As Sid was about to pour a glass of water from the pitcher to give her.


"Have you read the book?"

The book was now on the chair where Sid had been sitting earlier.

"The book? Oh, yeah, sorry, I took the liberty of reading it. I told you before, I'm reading this series too."

Sid turned around and was about to hand her the glass when he was startled. Mary's face was bright red.

"D-.. Did you look inside?" she asked in a shaky voice

'She's always so brave, but she turns red ahh ... she's so cute ... I just can't resist'

"...yes, I saw it. ---Here, water."

He handed her a glass of water, and Mary took it, thanking him. Then Mary seemed to be thinking about something for a while. Sid did not open his mouth so as not to disturb her thinking and waited for her to speak. Surprisingly, Mary began to apologize with a straight face.

"I'm sorry! I hope I didn't offend you. I mean, the wrapper of the sweets that Sid-sama casually gave me... a servant... used it as a bookmark without your permission..."


"Are you offended?"

"Offend how?"

"Just because.."

"No, I was quite thrilled when I gave it to you!"

"I'm a mere servant."

"I never thought of you as a servant!"

"Please forget it!"

This time, Sid was taken aback.

"Why should I forget? If it had been someone else, I might not have liked it, but you're the one who did it, and it made me happy. I like you, Mary."

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