The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 42.1

Translator: Leila

Editor: Umitarō

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Chapter 42 part 1

Upon awakening from her sleep, Mary felt herself to be much lighter. She was sweating all over, which was a good sign. It must be almost dusk, the orange rays of light streaming in through the window.

'It's very warm....'

Suddenly, she noticed a thick blanket on top of her usual quilt. Since she didn't have a blanket of this quality, Sid must have asked someone to bring it for her. She quickly looked around, but there was no one in the room.

'I wonder if he went home... but I'm glad he looked after me.' Mary thought to herself.

When she was sick, Mary was indeed very frail, so she was grateful to have Sid by her side, who cared and nursed her. As she rose halfway up on the bed, the doorknob turned and Sid appeared.

"Ah! Mary! You're awake?"

Sid's smiling face made Mary's heart tighten. At first she thought it was because he looked like Cedric and made her nostalgic, but now she knew she was wrong. Mary's heart is reacting because it is Sid's smile. Although it's not clear when it started, Mary was aware of this for quite some time now, still, she can't tell anyone about it yet.

He gently placed the tray in his hand on the bedside table and placed his hand on her forehead.

"Well, your fever has gone down quite a bit, just as the doctor said, and you've been sleeping in comfortably, which is good. I got some chicken soup from the kitchen, do you think you can eat it? Or would you prefer to get changed first?"

Mary was grateful to the point she felt apologetic, and she was afraid to say so. She had been sick in bed several times since she became a servant, but of course she had never been so well taken care of.

"Thank you very much. I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

Sid smiled.

"I don't think of it as an inconvenience, so don't worry about it."

Mary wanted to change first, so Sid stepped out of the room once more. Just then he saw Jean walking down the hallway and raised his hand lightly.

"How's Mary doing?"

"I think her fever has gone down. She just woke up."

Jean nodded lightly.

"So, what did you want to talk about?"

"Nothing much, I'd like to stay here tonight to take care of Mary, and I was wondering if I could get your permission to do so."

Jean raised her eyebrows lightly, but quickly shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, I know you'll be anxious even if you go home, so sure you can stay. Shall I set up the usual guest room for you?"

Jean said this casually since both Marius and Sid stayed here a lot for various reasons, but Sid snorted.

"No...I think I'll stay in this room, I'll just get a blanket."

"Oh, okay."

Jean was silent for a moment, but suddenly his expression relaxed, which Sid, who had known him for a long time, could tell.

"Be nice to Mary and don't catch a cold, because if you come down with it later, that'll bother Mary."

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