The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 38.2

Translator: Leila

Editor: Umitarō

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Chapter 38 part 2

In her elegant handwriting, Lady Farenheit began by thanking Clarisse for the letter she had sent to the Farenheit family on the day she left the royal capital.

In plain words, her mother wrote about how the rumors of the violence between Clarisse’s father and Matilda had somehow spread; how the family of the Marquess of McCain had sent a notice to call off the engagement between Matilda and their heir; how her father had nearly attacked Matilda again upon hearing this, which she desperately tried to stop him from doing; how she and her father had separated because of it; and how she had begged her father to divorce her and that he agreed to do so. She explained that she wanted to hold off on the separation until Clarisse married Jean, because of the way people might view her, but added that this might be difficult. Matilda was completely dejected and so depressed that her mother feared she might commit suicide, so she kept Matilda monitored around the clock.

'Mother... you are fighting this battle all by yourself right now...'

Matilda probably felt that the blind love from her father that she had relied on until now was crumbling from its foundation, and that Clarisse, whom she had used as an outlet for her anxiety, was happy and far away from home.  And she was surely frustrated at not knowing what she should do with herself now. She had only ever been praised by their father for her external beauty. That was all she had ever worked on, and Clarisse had never known her to have any other hobbies or interests.

'I, however, know that watching from afar like this is my punishment for my sister….'

She still faintly felt that she would like to see her sister in person again someday. There was also the thought that that might never come to pass. However, only time could tell Clarisse the answer to that question.

Clarisse respected her mother's decision to leave her father. The fact that her father, who had been so obsessed with her mother, had agreed to leave her, made her wonder if he too had lost his attachment to her, as if a possession had been lifted from him. And if they were to divorce, her father, with his title of Viscount Farenheit, might still have a chance to remarry, but her mother and Matilda, with no backing, might very well be left in the streets. It would be nice if her father could give her mother proper compensation, but if the family finances are on fire, would that even be possible?

As she was mulling it over, Jean asked softly, "What did the viscountess write to you?" Clarisse described the letter’s contents, and he folded his arms. "If Viscount Fahrenheit has finally agreed to let go of the viscountess, then I suggest that the separation, if it is to be, be quick. It has nothing to do with our marriage. It would be a problem if the viscount returns to his senses after our wedding and refuses to leave her."

"Yes, I thought so as well, so I shall write that in my reply."

"And if the viscount doesn't provide for her to live decently, I'll—"

Clarisse quickly placed her hand over his mouth and stopped him from finishing the thought. "Jean-sama, please don't say that just yet."

She knew what he would say—that's why she felt so bad about it.

"Well… for the time being, getting divorced should come first. We can figure out the rest after that." He took her hand and kissed it gently. Clarisse looked up at him to find his golden eyes already burning with lust. "Come here, Clarisse."

⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ ❥ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯

Clarisse was more forward today than ever before.

Although it had been a long time since they had spent their first night together, she was still shy about it. So, when she gently but lustfully stroked his soaring erection—when the woman he loved behaved so seductively—his passion was inflamed, and he pushed her down onto the bed, where he quickly began to ravage her body.

Normally, he would take his time to make love to her, but now he wasn't in his right mind. He always tried to avoid causing her pain as much as possible, but tonight he penetrated her immediately. Nevertheless, Clarisse's vagina, which now accepted him daily, remembered his shape and gladly welcomed him in.

He was overcome with joy when her slender legs entwined around his waist and she breathed out, "Jean-sama."

He loved this moment when his dick nestled tightly in Clarisse's wet vagina. He felt tremendous happiness as she began to unravel beneath his touch. Though he had penetrated her already, he wanted to make love to her before starting to move in earnest. He took her right nipple in his mouth and sucked on it with some force while he pinched the other, twirling it between his fingers. Clarisse's tight, warm pussy squeezed him as he played with her nipples—another feeling he loved. To be honest, he was drowning in everything Clarisse offered him.

Clarisse moaned under him, "Hmmm, I want more, Jean-sama… please…."

"I know." He changed his position and began caress her with kisses, starting from her face and working his way down her neck.

Tonight as well, he was intoxicated, and red marks began to bloom on her skin.

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