The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 38.1

Translator: Leila

Editor: Umitarō

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Chapter 38 part 1

"The Roosevelts?" That night Clarisse was relaxing on her bedroom couch when Jean surprised her with his plan to reclaim the Roosevelt family’s title.


"And… is it true, well, how Sid-sama feels about Mary?"

"Most likely."

Clarisse had had the feeling from Sid's behavior that he might like Mary, but now she knew with certainty—especially since Jean, whom Sid had known for a long time, also saw it that way.

He continued, "Well, as a matter of course, Mary's feelings must come first. She may not be willing to accept Sid, right? She may tell you in time, so let me know if you hear anything, Clarisse. As for the restoration of her family's title, I think it's only fair, but I'm aware that she may not want it. If the title is restored, there will be people who will have unkind things to say about it."


As usual, he was a man with a broad perspective. Even when she was struggling with her family's problems, he never forced his ideas on her, but instead encouraged her to make her own choices. Thanks to him, she was able to act as she saw fit, confident and responsible for the consequences of her own decisions, and she believed that made her stronger in a way.

Marius and Sid might have laughed at that and said that, while Jean had always had a broad perspective, he was only this sweet and gentle when it came to Clarisse. However, she believed that Jean was also very kind to Sid and Marius, and she felt that everyone understood his true nature. And that was why they admired him so much.

"As for Cedric Anderson..."

Clarisse blinked as he mentioned a familiar name. "Cedric-sama?"

"Yeah, I had him looked up while I was at it."

"Was he married?"

"No… and I don't think he has a fiancée either."

Cedric Anderson was now 27 years old and, according to the report, had no fiancée yet, so Jean intended to instruct Marius to obtain additional information when he could.

"I see…. I wonder if he still has feelings for Mary… but it doesn't feel right somehow. I don't know what Cedric thinks of her, but I don't think she likes him that much. I'll ask her next time."

'That might be the quickest way to find out,’ Jean thought. Clarisse would tell him as soon as she found out anything about Mary, so he just had to wait for that. "After that,” he continued aloud, “Marius also sent a messenger to stop by the Viscount Farenheit's house, and I think he received this letter."

He passed a thick envelope into Clarisse's hand. The handwriting, which read "To Margrave Siegfried Gutenberg," definitely belonged to her mother. The letter was addressed to Jean, but it was clear that it was intended for Clarisse, so Jean had not opened the envelope.

"Do you mind if I read it now?"

"Of course not."

Jean sat down next to Clarisse, who, upon getting his permission, opened the envelope with a letter knife and took out its contents.

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