The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Even though it was something they both wanted to do, as expected, at the moment of penetration, a sharp pain hit Clarisse, causing her to let out a loud moan. Jean continued to enter her little by little while keeping an eye on her expression, and when he reached the innermost part of her, he kept his hands placed on her thigh as sweat dripped from his forehead.

"-..I'm in..."

Jean muttered in a husky voice and looked at Clarisse's face.

"Does it hurt?"

Clarisse felt that she could breathe a little easier when she sensed his care and affection for her; he would ask for her consent several times before he started doing anything. Then his large hand began to rub her body slowly, and the pain seemed to ease a little. The movements of his hands were not obscene; rather, they were gentle movements tinted with compassion, making it all the more pleasurable.

"Jean.. kiss me..."

She whispered, and Jean happily obliged. The kisses she shared with Jean were dreamy, as their tongues entwined; although the pain was still lingering, it gradually eased as they continued kissing.

"I'm finally inside you, Clarisse..."


He rose up, releasing her lips, and every slight change in posture elicited a sweet sound from her.

"If you are in pain, then I'll be content to call it a day."

She knew that Jean was concerned about her body and that he would really be willing to stop if she wanted him to, but her body was now filled with her love for Jean, so much so that she wasn't sure if she would be able to stand it if they were to stop right now. Clarisse wanted to indulge him; she wanted to become fully his, and she wanted this to happen tonight.

"It's okay... I'm fine.. just move slowly...Jean-sama..."

Hearing those words, his lust-filled golden eyes gazed at her violet ones, reflecting her love, and he began to move his hips slowly while she gasped for breath.


Clarisse's hip movements became a little bolder as her muffled moans became louder, trying to match his movements. His throbbing cock continued to thrust against her soft walls, and soon enough the pain was erased completely and replaced by the pleasure taking over her.

"Jean-sama ...... Ahh, mmm... I love you.."

"Clarisse, does it feel good? Am I doing it properly?"

She nodded her head enthusiastically.


Clarisse was now struggling to keep up with the waves of pleasure that Jean was making her feel.

When Jean thrust deep into her, it felt like her body was about to break in half; perhaps due to his large size, every time he would slam again into her, she would feel a deep, heavy sensation springing up from the depths of her body.


"It feels…too good!"

Jean was now stirring up Clarisse's insides, and it started to make an embarrassing wet sound as he continued to pound into her.

"Clarisse... Can I put it all the way in?"

"Put it all the way in..Ahh.?"

"Yeah, all the way in.."

Clarisse honestly didn't know what was going to happen to her, but in her hot, boiling excitement, she reached out towards him.


Jean pushed into the innermost depths of her body, holding her body tightly, and Clarisse's mind went blank from the sheer shock of it. Her toes felt as if they were numb, as if her entire body was covered in warm water... He reached down and gently rubbed her sensitive bud, and Clarisse's sensual body shivered and shuddered as she reached her first ever climax.


Her walls tightened around him as she came, and her body was trembling and shaking still. Jean kept holding her as they both breathed in their own pleasure. When Clarisse's trembling finally subsided, he began to gently suckle on her neck and nibble her earlobes tirelessly without pulling out.


Clarisse's body shuddered on its own this time, and her vagina tightened as she tried to suck his cock in. He slowly pulled out of her vagina before thrusting back inside her, now even stronger than before, and an overwhelming rush of pleasure erupted from deep within her as his cock hit the deepest part of her body. She reached her climax and moaned again, this time at the top of her lungs.


Jean's hands moved to the side of her head and intertwined with her own, and he continued riding on her orgasm. The sound of body slapping and their sweaty bodies colliding with each other's echoed through the air, and before long, Clarisse reached her third climax

of the night due to the crazy amount of pleasure she was receiving from him. After that, every time he thrust into her, she would be gasping and panting like crazy.

"Oh, God, I can't take it any longer... oh, God... deep inside... it feels so good... Jean," she says.

"Is it okay for me to cum inside... or is it better if I don't?"

"Ahhh .. please come inside me, give me all of it..Unn."

As Clarisse squealed softly, Jean finally pumped his entire load into her womb..


"I'm sorry."

As Clarisse lay on the bed after the events that took place, too limp to even raise her arms, she was surprised to see Jean, who had just pulled out of her insides, apologizing to her right from the get-go. He gazed at the pinkish liquid that was a mixture of her virgin blood and the cloudy white fluid he had released inside her as it flowed down her thigh. He was apologetic yet still somewhat pleased with himself. He then moved to gently stroke her body as if he were handling a treasure. His gentle gestures showed her how much he loved her, and that on its own made her tremendously happy.

"I was going to refrain from cumming inside you before our marriage, but it felt so good that I couldn't resist."

Clarisse blushed again at his blunt words. Although they had just performed more embarrassing activities than what he had just said, the power of his blunt words was even more astonishing.

"It's okay, I wanted you to do it too."

"I'll be careful until the wedding. I'm really looking forward to seeing you in your wedding dress."


Was that his way of saying they'll continue to have sex even when they return home, but he will be more careful to not release inside her until they get married officially?

"Wait for a second while I go get the bath ready."

He wiped off her sticky body with a damp cloth and then cleaned himself up roughly, put on a gown, and rushed to the kitchen to boil some water. Clarisse covered her feverish body with the sheets and dozed off to sleep, this time from exhaustion as she thought about the sensational yet incredibly happy event that had happened to her.

She was awakened by the feeling of him gently lifting her in his arms. Carrying her lightly in his arms, he headed for the bathroom, where the bathtub was filled with steaming hot water.

"Did I wake you up? You must feel uncomfortable not getting yourself cleaned off before sleeping."


She rubbed herself against his neck in a dreamlike state, and the scent of Jean, whom she loved so much, now filled her heart.

"I'm a lucky man. Not only am I able to make love to you, Clarisse, but I'm also able to fulfill my dream of taking a bath together."

'What...? A dream? Bath together?'

Clarisse was very confused by his sudden words, but his will was incredibly firm. Needless to say, once freed from his grip, Jean indulged himself in savoring her body, and while he showed great care for Clarisse's body, he was relentless and continued to tease her even in the bath.

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