The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

The hand that was caressing Clarisse's hair suddenly stops. Not only his hand, but Jean-sama as well, stopped moving completely.

'I wonder if something's wrong...?'

She watched in astonishment as his face, which had always been expressionless, gradually loosened and turned bright red. He murmured shyly as he pulled his hand from Clarisse's hair to cover the lower half of his face.

"Have you noticed, Clarisse? This is the first time you ever expressed to me that you... well... like me..."

'Oh so he's shy!'

But then Clarisse, realizing that she had unconsciously let her thoughts leak out, now turned bright red as well.

"I-...didn't I ever tell you that I adore you...?"


He was still covering the lower half of his face with his hand, still very red.

"I'm sorry about that... I, Jean-sama, adore you more than anyone else."

One moment Jean seemed to move, and the next, Clarisse was being embraced by Jean. His wild face was unusually tense, and his golden eyes were undoubtedly filled with a hint of lust, but his tone was as gentle as ever.

"Clarisse...I love you..."

'Do you realize that this is the first you’ve said it to me, Jean-sama'

Although she had no doubt that Jean loved her and that he cared for her more than anyone else, she had never heard him speak to her in clear, explicit words of love. He had shown her enough with his actions that she didn't really need him to say it, was such a heavenly feeling to hear him say it for the first time.... She looked at her fiancé, who was precious to her more than anyone else, with her violet bright pupils while she enjoyed the moment they were having.

"Jean-sama, you too."


He stole Clarisse's lips as if he could no longer hold back.

When Jean confessed to Clarisse that he had yet to have intercourse with anyone, he told her -in his typical formal manner- that he was reading a guidebook on the art of the bedroom, her face turned red at the time and she simply said, "Oh, I see". She had actually read a similar book, which her mother had sent to her when it was decided that she would get married to Jean. At first, she was so surprised by the blatant descriptions that she closed the book almost immediately after reading the first few lines, but understanding that it was necessary, she read it with some reluctance. The book that Clarisse read was written for young ladies, so it was probably written in softer terms than the one that Jean was reading, but nevertheless, she read through it.

(tl: welp…)

The sight of her, whispering words of love to him, aroused him to a point he never thought was possible, he devoured her lips and stole her breath as if his life was depending on it, and by the time he was satisfied after attacking her lips, her legs went weak and her strength was drained.  He then gently dropped kisses down her neck and ran his hands over the buttons of her dress. All of the dresses she brought with her had the buttons in the front, this was Mary's idea, for Clarisse to be able to put on and take off her dress by herself, but perhaps she had foreseen that this might happen as well.

He began to undo the buttons as if he was unwrapping a gift, and soon enough, her chest came into view, revealing that she wasn't wearing any corset, which made Jean's eyes widened for a second.

"You aren't wearing a corset...!"

Clarisse's face, which was flushed due to the heated kiss, turned even deeper red at that point. This was also one of the things Mary had recommended. The actual corset is a lot more difficult to put on and take off, so instead of a corset, she has prepared a thick undergarment so that her body lines will not show through the dress.

When she asked Jean if he thought she was being vulgar, he looked rather pleased and pulled her arms out of the dress, followed by her underwear. Now, her upper body was completely exposed, and the dress barely covered her lower body.

'My chest.... he can see everything...'

As she tried to cover her breasts with her arms, Jean, who had been staring at her body in a daze, gently grabbed her hands.

"Don't hide.. Every part of you is so beautiful, so please don't hide yourself from me..."

With that, he placed another light kiss on her. As he enjoyed their kiss, he slowly ran his hands over her breasts, gently tracing their shape.


She let out a squeal as he kissed her, and Jean looked down at her with a lustful look on his face, as if to say he wanted to skip the kissing part and just devour her entirely.

"Clarisse...if you don't like what I do, feel free to beat me until I come to my senses."

Clarisse, whose body was tightly pressed against his, knew that his crotch was already growing larger as he uttered this line with a serious face. Even in this state, he was a man who would be kind to her and care about her before doing anything.

"I love you, Jean-sama."

She pulled his face to hers, and this time she initiated kissing him affectionately.

When he finally raised his head, satisfied after caressing Clarisse's body, she was already out of breath. He helped her out of her dress as he whispered words of love to her. With a passion so difficult to imagine from his usual self, he began savoring her body with his tongue. Clarisse soon began to moan in pleasure as a result of his gentle yet persistent caresses. There was nothing about Clarisse's body that he did not know; he was satisfied beyond words, and then he turned to take off his own clothes. Clarisse gasped at the sight of his muscular body.

She had known all along that he was big, even when he was fully clothed, but his broad chest, toned abs, and large muscular body were manly in a way that she, as a woman, had never seen before. He had stripped off his underwear as well, and she could see the proud, towering form between his legs. It was the most lewdly-shaped thing she had ever seen in her life.

He looked at her in silence, as if he were asking for her permission to continue.

She wasn't stupid enough to misinterpret what he meant, so she nodded coyly and he smiled.

"I'll try to make it as painless as possible."

Then he moved gently to spread her legs apart; her thighs were already covered in love bites from earlier, and it looked like a field of blooming red flowers on a spring morning. He started to rub his cock against her entrance, which he had already caressed, and felt as she became more wet under his fingers. Still, she was tight, and he wanted to make her first experience as painless as it could be, so he endured his lustful desires and continued to rub and caress her entrance with his finger so she would loosen a bit more.


When Clarisse let out a muffled moan, Jean looked happy to know that she felt it to the point she couldn't suppress her pleasure.

"I will do it slowly..."

True to his word, he slowly buried his cock inside her. The pressure of him entering her was too much for Clarisse, who was holding her breath as he pushed his cock inside her tight vagina. Jean stared at Clarisse's face as she slowly moved her hips forward.

"Is it painful?"

His voice was hazy with lust, like nothing she had ever heard from him. It would probably be painful for him to stop here, but his tender consideration filled her heart with love.

"No, it's fine... Keep going.. Ahh."

She gently wrapped her hands around his neck and hugged him tightly.

"I'm sorry, it's too big. I might not be able to fit all of it in tonight..."

"It's all right, Jean-sama, put it in.."

Encouraged by her words and actions, his massive cock slowly entered the virgin's vagina, rubbing against her tight walls. Jean groaned as he was indeed forced to stop; she was just so tight.

"Clarisse... Can I enter all the way in...? It might hurt a lot."

"Yes, yes, Jean-sama, please give it to me..."

As she replied with enthusiasm, Jean shoved himself deeply into her, as if his previous slow movements had been a lie, and broke through her hymen at once.


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