Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 3049: Side story: All the spring breeze in ten miles belongs to you (Part 2)

This was my first time peeping and I kept feeling uncomfortable.

But because it was her, I felt that it was worth it.

Because of the distance, I couldn’t hear their conversation clearly.  I only knew that she seemed to have no appetite and had a look on her face like she was about to throw up.

I felt panic at that moment.  It can’t be that because she and I had relations on the ship that she was pregnant, right?

I didn’t know a thing, so I asked Wang Wang beside me.  He looked at me with an enlightened look as he said that there was this possibility.

Then there was only a single word in my mind: Responsibility!

After a while, there were fewer people around and I could hear their conversation clearly.

This Ye Bei Feng couldn’t chase her and was making up nonsense that I didn’t like her.

Please, I know better than you if I like her or not, alright?

Without a word, I went forward and took her away.  I had already reached a decision in my heart.

Whether she was pregnant or not, I would take responsibility for her.

So I decided to marry her.

After making this decision, everyone seemed to go smoothly.

We no longer doubt each other or teased each other, it was all because of the red book that everything became beautiful.

I gave her the key to my villa and she was very sensible because there were many things that needed to be settled before she revealed her identity.

But that didn’t mean that they could bully her.  No one could bully my wife.

Even without the script for a popular drama, she was able to give a brilliant performance.

It was like she was born to be an actress as she was covered from head to toe in dazzling light.

Even I felt that she was dazzling.  So dazzling that I wanted to keep her by my side out of fear that others would take her away.

Those people wanted to expose the scandal of us living together to make things bad for her.  So I just followed along and announced my marriage with her.

I wanted to let the entire world know that she was Su Chen Zhou’s wife and no one could covet her.

And she did her best to protect me, so that I wouldn’t be hurt.

Husband and wife together.  I used to think that she was like a treasure that needed to be protected.

Later I realized that I was happy to be protected by her.

It was an indescribable feeling that came from the depths of my heart.

Of course, I was most grateful to her for that thing.  It was the answer to the questions that I always had in my heart about love.

Actually, I sometimes later felt that every one of Ye Duo Yun’s actions were like the person that I respected the most.

Perhaps just the small movement of tucking her hair behind her ear or the way that she tied her shoes.

In short, I knew of her good intentions and my father’s good intentions.

But we never mentioned this matter to Ye Duo Yun.  Even years later, she still asked my wife many times how Su Yuan had turned into a completely different person in just a single hour.

The three of us looked at each other and then all revealed smiles.

Whether it’s the past or present life, this was her life.  As long as she had our support and affirmation, she didn’t need to know about this and it was best if she lived her live without any worries.

You worried too much in your past life, so it’s good to be a child in this life.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 45/100]

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