Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 3048: Side story: All the spring breeze in ten miles belongs to you (Part 1)

As soon as I met you, God told me there was no escape.  ——Su Chen Zhou.

Father made me believe in love, but he also made me not believe in love.

He once had a passionate love with my father, but in the end, he married a young and beautiful woman not long after my mother died.

This girl was even younger than me.

How ironic and ridiculous this was.

When I first met Ye Duo Yun, I was very cold to her.

She seemed to be afraid of me, looking at me with wide eyes from behind Su Yuan.

I gave a cold snort and left home without even turning back.

Since then, I never went back.  Not only that, my personality also became stranger.

I didn’t like anyone and I didn’t need anyone to like me.

When I saw those women who flattered me and acted submissive, I felt that it was very fake.

Because I hated my father and those fake people, I decided to auction off the European gem Heart of the Ocean that my father gave my mother in the past.

This meaningless thing might as well be converted to money and given to people who needed the help.

But I never thought that I would meet her on the cruise ship.

It was definitely a nightmare…..a beautiful dream.  I had never experienced that kind of fragmented night before.

I just knew that when I woke up, there was a special throbbing in my heart, as well as a trace of anger.

Of course, when I saw the letter, my anger had doubled.

I ordered Wang Wang to immediately find her, but I seemed to have a deeper relationship with her.

At the masquerade ball, I could feel a familiar aura from her and pulled her over to my side without hesitation.

She was first surprised, but I could tell that it only lasted for a moment before becoming familiar.

She quickly realized who I was and danced with me.

I immediately recognized the complicated relationship between them and the person that she loved.

That person, what should I say……I don’t think that he looked that good, at best he would be a low tier star and wouldn’t have much of a future.

At that moment, the feeling of possessiveness came from an unknown part of my heart.

This was the first time I felt this in my life.  But I had to remain very calm so she couldn’t see how nervous I was because of her.

Those people spoke very ugly words, as if they were bullying her.  They even thought that I was a security guard who came to dance with her.

It had to be said that when I went on stage to say that I was Su Chen Zhou, that feeling felt very good.

I never thought that there would be a follow up in the auction.  I thought that I was someone who wouldn’t give things to girls, let alone the Heart of the Ocean that symbolizes love.

But I gave it, without any hesitation.

I even asked her to stand on stage to take it, so that she could accept the envy and jealousy of those people.

I should have understood that I liked her much more than I could understand.

Perhaps it was that ridiculous night or that faint smile that she had from time to time.

Even if I didn’t acknowledge it on the surface, that didn’t mean that my heart didn’t acknowledge it.

But more than this, I wanted to know how she felt about me.

For example, if she still liked Ye Bei Feng.

For example, why did she still go with Ye Bei Feng when he asked her out to a meal?

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