Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 3024: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 52)

In a private room in a bar.

Qian Xiu Xiu was drinking like wild with her face red and her tears staining her makeup.

“Wu, wu, wu, wu……Based on what!  Based on what can she be the campus goddess?  Is she……Is she worthy?”  Qian Xiu Xiu felt like she had fallen in a frozen lake, as if her entire world had turned dark.

She had worked so hard to get the role of Huang Xian Er.  She turned down several meetings and wanted to practice alone with Ye Bei Feng.

But in the end, Ye Bei Feng practiced with a mannequin and didn’t look at her once.

“Xiu Xiu, don’t be sad.  This person is shameless.”  Gu Fang Fang comforted her from the side, “But there’s some good news for us.”

“What good news!  Humph, there’s no more good news!  The goddess title has already been taken, so what good news is there!”  Qian Xiu Xiu was like a person made of tears as her tears kept falling down.

“Think about it, wasn’t there the rumour about the relationship between Luo Qing Chen and young master Su?”  Gu Fang Fang raised a brow and said, “Su Chen Zhou didn’t come to such an important event, that means that they don’t have this relationship.”

Luo Qing Chen had a poor background.  If it wasn’t for her rumoured relationship with Su Chen Zhou, she couldn’t look down on them at all.

“Is this true?”  Qian Xiu Xiu wiped her tears and said, “He really didn’t come?”

“I confirmed it!”  Gu Fang Fang seriously said, “I heard that he is preparing to choose the female lead for the “Palace of Hatred”.  With such an important matter, how could he care about her?”

“The “Palace of Hatred” is about to start filming?”  Qian Xiu Xiu revealed a happy look, “Will I have a chance?”

Perhaps losing the title of campus goddess would give her another chance.

“This will be a bit hard since it will be one of the popular shows this year.”  Gu Fang Fang pursed her lips and said, “But this doesn’t matter.  In short, since Luo Qing Chen isn’t related to Su Chen Zhou, then there are many chances in the future for us to deal with her!”

“We have to check if they are related or not.”  Qian Xiu Xiu narrowed her eyes before a sharp glow appeared in them.

After suffering so much, she wouldn’t act rashly anymore.

If she wanted to catch Luo Qing Chen in one fell swoop and make her unable to rise again, she had to do some preliminary work.

“What do you want to investigate?”

“Don’t you know a private investigator?”  Qian Xiu Xiu chugged the beer in her hand and said, “Have him investigate quietly.  If they really have nothing to do with each other, then wouldn’t it be as easy as killing an ant to deal with Luo Qing Chen?”

“Oh.”  Gu Fang Fang suddenly understood as she said, “Sister Xiu, I’ve noticed that you’re becoming smarter and smarter.”

“Of course!”  Qian Xiu Xiu clenched her fists and said, “I’ve been bullied so many times, I would be a fool if I didn’t become smarter!”

A ten past eight, in Su Chen Zhou’s villa.

Lights, dishes, wine, and balloons……

Everything had been prepared and the mood was quite romantic.

“Congratulations to classmate Luo Qing Chen on winning the title of ‘campus goddess’.”  Su Chen Zhou raised the wine glass in his hand, “Wife, do you want to have a drink?”

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “You wouldn’t be this sweet because you’ve done something wrong to me, right?”

“How could that be?”  Su Chen Zhou had a faint glow in his deep eyes, “I’ve seen your performance, you’re very suited to be an actress.”

“Un, I know that too.”  Luo Qing Chen took a sip of the red wine and said, “I think that I should be an excellent actress.”

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