Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 3023: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 51)

“Then we ask the directors and screenwriters to write the names of their nomination for ‘campus film goddess’ and ‘campus film god’ on their whiteboards.  We will announce it from left to right in three minutes.”

Ye Bei Feng gently clenched his fists as he looked at Luo Qing Chen out of the corner of his eyes.

It was as if this was his first time seeing her wear a military uniform like this, showing off a majestic aura under that pure and lovely face.

Without knowing why, he never thought that she looked this good before.

But now……it was as if her entire body was glowing.  It was even a light that he couldn’t reach.

“Time is up!”  The host excitedly said, “I ask the directors to raise their whiteboards from left to right.”

When the whiteboard came into view, it was Luo Qing Chen’s name written on it.

Male: Luo Qing Chen.  Female: Luo Qing Chen.



There were only a few that had Ye Bei Feng written on it, the rest had Luo Qing Chen for god and goddess.

This result really made everyone take a cold breath.  Luo Qing Chen really was powerful, she was well deserved as the ‘campus film goddess’.

But why did they write her name as the ‘god’ as well?

“Let me explain this.”  Director Xu cleared his throat before taking the microphone again, “Why can we only choose Luo Qing Chen as the film goddess and not the campus film god as well?  Because she was too outstanding when she played commander Wei Zhong Guo!  I hope that everyone knows that soldiers are the real gods.”

Director Xu’s passionate words brought the scene to a climax.  Applause rang out, all for Luo Qing Chen who had played the role of commander that had been deeply imprinted in their hearts.

Ye Bei Feng stood on the side and he couldn’t help applauding when he saw Luo Qing Chen like this.

He was suddenly proud of her and proud of himself.  That was because there was this outstanding girl who had once deeply loved him.

In the end, Luo Qing Chen not only won the title of film goddess, she even became the film god.

When she made it into the entertainment news, the news of Su Chen Zhou giving her the Heart of the Ocean on the cruise came out again.

There were some dumb people who said that she became the film goddess because of the back door.

But there were only a few of these people.  After all, normal people with eyes could see from the video if she took the back door or not.

“Qing Chen, you really are something.  I thought that we would certainly lose……”  Yan Xi Xi was really happy for her.  She even took out the wine that she had saved for many years to share with her.

“Half of the success is because of you.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “Xi Xi, you really are good at acting.  Gold will always shine through.”

“I know!”  Yan Xi Xi said with a smile, “When I went backstage, several screenwriters asked for my number.  If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have gotten such a good opportunity.”

“You’re thinking too much.”  Luo Qing Chen chuckled, “This is your own hard work, you gave yourself a good opportunity.”

“Is it me?  But I’m so dumb……”

“You’re not dumb!  You just can’t think things through sometimes, but acting is more important in the entertainment industry.”

Yan Xi Xi did a good job, so she sincerely praised her.

No matter what happened before, she treated her as a friend now.

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