Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2995: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 23)

He Shen had brought several people to the second floor, clearly hoping to catch one person and retrieve the goods.

At that moment, there was a desire to protect in his heart.  It was as if he was shouting in his heart: She mustn’t be bullied.

As long as no one saw her take the Heart of the Ocean from her pocket, no one would gossip.

Actually, he also felt that it was very strange.  There was the feeling to protect and not to ask why the Heart of the Ocean was on her.

Did she steal it?  Or was she framed?

None of this mattered to Su Chen Zhou, not a single bit.

“Three million and three hundred thousand!”

When someone made this bid, the auction had become very silent.

This price was considered very high in the jewelry world.  The higher the price, the more tense the crowd would be.

“Three million and three hundred thousand going once.”

“Three million and three hundred thousand going twice.”  The host raised the small hammer and asked, “Is there any higher bids……”

The crowd was silent.  Everyone seemed to know that the price had reached a peak and it was very unlikely anyone would surpass it.

“Three million and three hundred thousand……”

“Five million and two hundred thousand.”  A cool voice slowly rang out from the second floor.

“Si!”  Everyone took a cold breath as they turned to look at Su Chen Zhou on the second floor.

At that moment, Luo Qing Chen felt her heart beating fast and her fingers shaking a bit.

Five million and two hundred thousand!  Five million and two hundred thousand!  Five million and two hundred thousand!

This was five million and two hundred thousand!

Su Chen Zhou was considered the host, so why was he bidding for his own item and at such an unbelievable price?

Everyone was confused, but Luo Qing Chen gradually came to her senses.

She suddenly understood why Su Chen Zhou had grabbed her wrist and stopped her from taking out the Heart of the Ocean.

He didn’t want anyone seeing her with the Heart of the Ocean in her hand, so they couldn’t gossip about her.

Without knowing why, she felt her nose turn stuffy as her eyes turned a bit red.

“God……God, god……”  A few seconds later, the host came back to their senses and said with a shocked look, “I never thought that our director Su would do all that he can for charity!  In order to give more money to those that need it, he actually bid for the Heart of the Ocean at such a high price!  This really is admirable!”

“Right, right……”

“Ze, ze, ze, 5.2 million……This price really is high……”

“He’s so young and he already has such accomplishments, he really is amazing……”


Everyone in the crowd was filled with praise for Su Chen Zhou’s move and the host started to count.

“Five million and two hundred thousand going once……Five million and two hundred thousand going twice……Five million and two hundred thousand going thrice……Sold!”  The host said, “Congratulations to our chairman and the sponsor for this auction, mister Su Chen Zhou for willing this Heart of the Ocean that already belonged to him at such a high price.”

“Pa, pa, pa, pa.”  There was a wave of applause that followed.

When the applause ended, Qian Xiu Xiu bit her lip and said at the top of her voice, “Since the Heart of the Ocean has already been sold, I wonder if we’ll be able to see the world’s number one sapphire.  It must……be something that everyone is looking forward to.”

There must be a problem with hiding the gem like this.

When He Shen left, he didn’t forget to say: The Heart of the Ocean isn’t on stage.

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