Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2994: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 22)

Su Chen Zhou and Wang Wang talked in low voices for around two minutes.  From time to time, Wang Wang’s mouth and eyes opened wide.  Without even thinking, one knew that whatever Su Chen Zhou wanted him to do was definitely very shocking.

Wang Wang finished listening and said, “I’ll take care of it.”

“Su……Young master Su……I……”  He Shen wanted to ask what he should do next, but Wang Wang cut him off.

“Go to the financial department.”  Wang Wang waved his hand and said, “Then you can go home.”

It had to be said, Wang Wang thought this Hu Shen really was stupid.

Although he had never thought that there would be a woman that would leave an impression on Su Chen Zhou, the woman named Luo Qing Chen definitely was the most special one.

He even began to feel that young master Su’s heart was moved.

Wang Wang walked over to the podium to say a few words to the host before the host came forward to say, “Let’s continue the auction.”

Everyone sat down again and the chatter gradually fell silent.

Of course, that excluded Qian Xiu Xiu and Gu Fang Fang.

“What is going on?  Continuing the auction?”  Qian Xiu Xiu knitted her brows and said, “Could it be that the Heart of the Ocean was found already?”

“It’s possible!”  Gu Fang Fang said, “I saw He Shen bring several people to the private seats on the second floor, they should have found it already.”

“But why didn’t they call security or the police?”  Qian Xiu Xiu bit her lip and said, “This is stealing the Heart of the Ocean!  The person responsible and the goods, are they just letting it go?”

She wasn’t willing to accept it!  After such a large scheme, if nothing happened to Luo Qing Chen, it would have been a waste.

“Actually, I think that we made a profit!”  Gu Fan Fan saw that she was angry and quickly comforted her, “At least young master Su now knows what kind of person she is?  Once she loses this chance to become a phoenix, her downfall will be very tragic and very ugly.”

No one would have thought that the two girls who seemed proper sitting in the corner would be saying such vicious words.

“To make the Heart of the Ocean more mysterious, we have put it in a sealed emerald box and covered it with a red cloth.”  The host said to everyone, “Whoever bids the highest will take it away as the biggest winner.  The winner will take away this Heart of the Ocean that symbolizes love.”

The host then started, “The lowest big is one hundred thousand, let’s begin!”

“One hundred thousand……”

“Three hundred thousand!”

“SIx hundred thousand!”


Since this sapphire was worth a lot of money, there were many people that participated in this auction and many of them were rich people.

After He Shen left, there was only her and Su Chen Zhou on the second floor.  However, Su Chen Zhou didn’t say anything and she didn’t know what to say.

She had doubts in her heart, but she didn’t know what to say.

Rather Su Chen Chou seemed very calm, with an aloof feeling like this had nothing to do with him.

“Why didn’t you have me take it out?”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “You know it’s on me, right?”

When the Heart of the Ocean’s price reached two million, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help asking Su Chen Zhou this.

“Take it out for what?”  Su Chen Zhou said with a chuckle, “There’s no need.”

The reason why he couldn’t let her take out the Heart of the Ocean was: There were too many people.

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