Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2984: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 12)

He never believed in so-called love.  After all, as the CEO of a star making company, he had seen many people who seemed glamorous, but were actually very hypocritical and pretentious on the inside.

People, the higher one’s standing was, the more clearly they could see.

The gem was a token of love given to his mother by his father, but in the end his father had left and married someone else.

The famous real estate tycoon married a wife twenty years younger than him.

So love was just too vague.  He wouldn’t remain with one person for his life.

Too fake, too fake……

“That’s right……”  Wang Wang scratched his head, “Then young master, I’ll go prepare.  The auction will start after the masquerade ball.”

“Un.”  He softly replied before knitting his brows.  As if he remembered something, he looked at Wang Wang and said, “Did you check the girl that I wanted you to check yesterday?”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.”  Wang Wang came back to his senses and took out a packet of information from his suitcase for Su Chen Zhou, “It’s a normal person and it seems to be a second year student at the film school.”

“Student?”  Su Chen Zhou waved his hand after taking the packet, “Go and prepare the auction first.”

“Alright, young master.”

Su Chen Zhou stood in front of the glass window and looked at Luo Qing Chen’s detailed information.

That included her zodiac sign, her favourite colour, her favourite dishes, and the people……that she liked.

Having him investigate someone, he really liked to add in these useless facts.

But without knowing why, when he saw this information, there was an uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

Although this feeling was very faint, it had never appeared before.

He narrowed his eyes and took the black mask from the table before heading off in the direction of the masquerade ball.

The air was filled with ambiguity.

Many people invited her to dance, but she refused them all.

As expected, when one’s status and identity was hidden, when appearances were covered, men only cared about……

If you think it was the personality, then you were wrong.  They cared about her figure.

People with better figures were invited more often.  It had to be said, the previous host really had a good figure.

Just looking at these ‘comic like legs’, one knew how mesmerizing they were.

“Can I invite you to dance?”  A familiar voice rang out.  Luo Qing Chen looked up and saw a young man wearing a silver mask.

His mask wasn’t a fox, but a wolf.

There were several young men standing behind him with naughty smiles, but the young man didn’t care at all.  He reached his hand out and asked in an elegant voice, “Can I invite you to dance?”

Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint smile when she heard this and reached out for the young man’s hand.

Actually, she knew who this young man in front of her was.  Not only did she know, there were many people in the hall who knew.

After all, he was the school hunk, the male god that always attracted attention.

Ye Bei Feng’s palm was very warm.  If she didn’t know how ugly this man’s heart was, not to mention the previous host, even Luo Qing Chen wouldn’t have helped being a bit moved.

But since she knew, her heart was as calm as dead water.

Ye Bei Feng’s mood seemed good.  He most likely made a bet with the laughing people that he would definitely be able to invite her to dance.

After all, she seemed to have rejected the ones that were laughing.

But the previous host had stayed by Ye Bei Feng for many years, he actually didn’t notice her hand when he held it.

He had really……never had her in his heart once.

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