Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2983: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 11)

At half past seven that night, after they finished dinner, Yan Xi Xi and Luo Qing Chen went to the masquerade ball.

“Hello, two young misses, you need to put on a costume before entering tonight.”  The hostess had a very sweet smile.  After asking for their size, she gave them brand new dresses.

As for the clothes they took off, they put them in the lockboxes on the side.  When the ball was over, they could open up the lockboxes by scanning the QR code with their phones.

Simply put, it was like the lockers outside the supermarkets.

Luo Qing Chen chose a fox mask and went in.

It was because this special scene had attracted her attention that she didn’t notice the hostess behind her reveal a different expression.

“Wa, wa, Qing Chen, it’s so lively here.”  Yan Xi Xi excitedly took her hand and said, “Dancing with strangers with masks on is really nervous and exciting, but it’s also strangely relaxing.”

Luo Qing Chen said with a smile, “Yes.”

Although Yan Xi Xi’s words were a bit contradictory, she didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it.

There was a lot of pressure in society now.  Other than students of the film school, the people here were all senior members of all kinds of different companies.

Perhaps in the entertainment industry, putting on a mask made you more real.

Yan Xi Xi couldn’t wait to rush into the crowd and dance.   Perhaps she was waiting for the prince of her young girl’s life to ask her to dance.

As for Luo Qing Chen……

She just casually took a cocktail from the table.  There was a faint glow that appeared in her eyes as she looked at everything in front of her with indifference.

At the same time, in SVIP Room 7001.

Su Chen Zhou changed into a white suit.  His tall figure really was demonstrated in these formal clothes.

Wang Wang on the side was sorting through the material for the auction as he said, “Young master, why did you put so many good things up for bid!  If you wanted to do some charity, you could just pick out some random pieces and gems.  But the Heart of the Ocean……”

“What about it?”  Su Chen Zhou had a very casual look on his face.

To him, a gem, a ring, or even a stone had no difference at all.

If someone bid a high price, he would take it.  Anyway, the money would be used as a donation to students in poor mountainous areas.

“This Heart of the Ocean was known as the Heart of Love in ancient Europe……”  Wang Wang explained on the side, “Because other than being completely blue, it was in the shape of a heart……”

“What are you trying to say?”  Su Chen Zhou looked over at him with a deep look, “Do you want this gem?”

“No, no, no……”  Wang Wang quickly shook his head, “Young master, don’t joke around with me.  How could I buy such an expensive gem?”

For someone like him, it was better to give him a house or a car instead of this gem.

“Humph.”  Su Chen Zhou gave a snort, “Then why are you so reluctant to put it up?”

“Ke, ke……”  Wang Wang cleared his throat and said, “I just feel that this gem symbolizes love, so the young master can keep it for the person you like in the future.  As for the items that are auctioned, it doesn’t matter if there’s one less thing.”

The Heart of the Ocean was different from other gems.  There was only one in the world and it would be gone after it was auctioned.

“He, he……”  Su Chen Zhou gave a cold snort, “Do I look like someone who would give jewelry to women?”

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