Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2976: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 4)

She never thought that after coming back to school after buying the milk tea, she would meet Qian Xiu Xiu.

“Are you proud of stealing someone’s man away?”

“What a joke?  It’s just my work shoes, do you think that I care?”

“If you don’t believe me, as long as I’m willing, I can steal those worn shoes back from you in just three months!”

This was the first time the previous host got angry.  She threw the ice cold milk tea in her hands in Qian Xiu Xiu’s face.

She could be humiliated, she could be bullied, but she wouldn’t let her use these words to talk about Ye Bei Feng.

Definitely……Definitely not……

The next day, the previous host was exposed and criticized by the entire school.

Ye Bei Feng also heavily accused her, saying that she was petty and didn’t know right from wrong.

The previous host desperately wanted to explain, but Ye Bei Feng didn’t give her the chance to explain.

He angrily left and didn’t even turn back.

Actually, she knew that Ye Bei Feng had gone to see Qian Xiu Xiu before coming to look for her.

Qian Xiu Xiu caught a cold……He…...was most likely hurt……

From that day forth, Ye Bei Feng never looked for the previous host.

He would always be with Qian Xiu Xiu.  His grades which had improved had suddenly started to drop again.

She still liked to follow him.  From time to time, Qian Xiu Xiu would proudly turn around and make faces at her.

In the last month before the college exams, he looked for the previous host to help him organize his notes.

“Xiu Xiu’s grades aren’t good.  You did that to her last time, so you should help her write some notes.”

The previous host didn’t want to agree, but she couldn’t refuse when she saw the way Ye Bei Feng looked at her.

She spent three whole days sorting out the notes and then handed them to Ye Bei Feng.

He looked at them twice and then left.

“If you’re not willing, then don’t agree.”

The notes were returned.  He most likely didn’t like the wrinkled notes.

After all……the words were blurred and it was hard to see in many places.

It was because……she had been crying while writing them.

Maybe if the story ended here, the previous host could still walk away.

But she went out of her way to apply to the same university as Ye Bei Feng, the Central Academy of Film.

If her ignorant crush in high school was considered her youth, her first year in university was her nightmare.

Qian Xiu Xiu applied to the same school because her grades weren’t good enough for the other school while Ye Bei Feng wanted to accompany her.

As for the previous host……who knew what purpose she had?

The previous host was considered a beauty, so after getting into film school, she often talked about scripts with her classmates.

But the starting point of this school wasn’t fair.  Most of the people taking these courses were already popular stars in the entertainment industry.

There were also people that had family backing like Qian Xiu Xiu and Ye Bei Feng.  The previous host became straw in the wind.

Their lives changed again because Qian Xiu Xiu and Ye Bei Feng broke up again.

In that fight, Ye Bei Feng mentioned the previous host.

This time, Qian Xiu Xiu completely blamed the previous host for her relationship failing.

She conspired with her friends against the previous host, getting the previous host’s friends to invite her to a party.

Since it was a cruise for rich people, the previous host wouldn’t have been able to go.

Plus she heard that Ye Bei Feng was also going, so the previous host instantly agreed.

She actually……still couldn’t let go of Ye Bei Feng.

Even if she knew in her heart that Ye Bei Feng wouldn’t love her, he just felt that she could do many things for her.

But so what if it was clear?  Her crush after the breakup had become an obsession, a disease.

On that cruise, Qian Xiu Xiu drugged her and put her in a cabin for someone to take her innocence.

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