Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2975: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 3)

Qian Xiu Xiu was recognized as the rich young miss of their school.  She had a delicate appearance and because of her appearance, she was chosen as the school flower.

The difference between her and the previous host was: She openly loved Ye Bei Feng and didn’t just have a crush.

There were many people at school that loved Ye Bei Feng.  He also wasn’t a lonely young man and although he didn’t have many girlfriends, he wasn’t lacking in them.

The previous host had loved him from the first year to the third year of high school.  He had a total of three girlfriends and the last one was Qian Xiu Xiu.

To the previous host, although she was very sad, she was silently guarding over Ye Bei Feng.

Whenever he was in a bad mood, she would silently follow him.  The sunlight that stretched their shadows made them very long.

She loved his back, whether it was bright or dark.

In the second half of their third year, things became busy.  Qian Xiu Xiu was very proud since she had finally defeated Ye Bei Feng’s past two girlfriends, though she didn’t really cherish him.

She loved to play, go to karaoke, go clubbing, and all kinds of different parties.  The only thing that she hated was studying.

Of course, she loved showing off her boyfriend.

Ye Bei Feng gradually realized that Qian Xiu Xiu liked only his face and not him as a person.

So one day, when Qian Xiu Xiu invited him to KTV for the fourth time that week, he broke up with her.

When he broke up with her, the previous host had been not far away and had seen everything.

Actually, the previous host had liked following him for a long time.  She stood far away and silently watched.

Not approaching and just silently guarding him.

Qian Xiu Xiu immediately agreed to break up because her proud personality didn’t allow anyone to trample on her.

That night, the previous host followed him for a long time.

One street, two streets, one after another as if the dark night had no end.

Then at a certain moment, Ye Bei Feng suddenly turned around to look at her, “You’ve followed me for all these years, do you still want to keep following?”

The previous host stood there with red eyes.

This was the young man that she admired in her youth, he was her light.

From that day forth, the previous host came together with Ye Bei Feng.

The speed was so quick that Qian Xiu Xiu couldn’t react at all.

After the previous host got together with Ye Bei Feng, her heart was filled with expectations each day.

She bought breakfast for him, helped him get a seat in the library, studied with him, and did the things he wanted to do.

Once he forgot to bring his wallet after inviting a friend to a meal.  After a call, the previous host took a taxi for half an hour and gave him all her living expenses for a month.

In the end, he never returned her money.

He had gotten used to it.  He would treat her as nicely as she was to him, but after a while, he was used to accepting her kindness and was used to not reciprocating.

That month, the previous host borrowed money from her best friend Xi Xi and spent the entire month on one meal a day.

She didn’t blame him, she didn’t feel sad or put out.

But even if you never looked for trouble, it came to you……

It might suddenly appear in your life and catch you off guard.

The previous host…..was caught off guard……

That day, the sun was just right.  She bought two cups of milk tea and went to the library to get seats because Ye Bei Feng had said that he wanted to drink milk tea while reading this morning.

She knew what he liked, she knew that he wanted the milk tea shop from the western street.

That milk tea shop was an hour long bus ride from school, but for the young man she loved, the previous host felt it was worth it.

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