Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2974: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 2)

Ye Bei Feng had been standing right by her.  She could even smell the faint scent of soap coming from him, which was a youthful scent.

When the director lowered his head, Ye Bei Feng would look at her from time to time with a helpless smile on his lips.

The previous host would lower her head in a panic, not daring to look in his eyes.

Actually, Ye Bei Feng didn’t know that she was panting with a red face and her heart was beating fast.

“The director really talked for a long time.  Do you want to have dinner together?”  Ye Bei Feng looked at her and said, “There’s a new noodle shop that opened next door, I heard that it’s quite good.”

Since they were in the same class, there were still things to talk about from time to time.  But this scene of them being alone had never happened before.

This was the first time and the sudden happiness caught the previous host off guard.

She happily gave a nod, “Alright.”

Ye Bei Feng wanted to let her find a seat, but the previous host said that she wanted to order and had him find the seat.

Why was that?

Because the previous host knew all his preferences.  She knew what he liked and didn’t like to eat.

“Two bowls of the signature noodles with green onions, no ginger, medium spicy, and extra vinegar.” After she said this, Ye Bei Feng looked at her with a look of disbelief.

The previous host blinked before sitting down, “Although this store just opened, I ate here with Xi Xi two days ago.  It was quite good.”

“Is that so?”  Ye Bei Feng revealed a faint smile and said with sparkling eyes, “Your tastes are very similar to mine.”

“I……”  The previous host shook her head, “I was just casually ordering…..”

Actually, the previous host didn’t like spicy foods or green onions.  Only because she knew what Ye Bei Feng liked and she didn’t want to expose her small feelings that she did this.

During the meal, the previous host didn’t say much.  Ye Bei Feng would find a topic from time to time, but she would just nod and not dare to look up.

In the end, when the previous host wanted to pay, Ye Bei Feng stopped her with a serious look.  He said with a faint smile, “Girls that are too sensible won’t make people feel pity sometimes.”

The previous host would never forget how Ye Bei Feng had said this.

It was as if this was what her springtime of youth should be.

After that day, there was the rumour of her matters with Ye Bei Feng that spread through the class.

Some people said that they matched each other and some people called the previous host delusional.

Who was Ye Bei Feng?  He was the top student and the school hunk, there were so many girls hanging around him.

Even if the previous host was a bit beautiful, there were many people more beautiful than her.

The previous host also knew in her heart that someone like Ye Bei Feng definitely wouldn’t like her.

But a crush was like a disease.  One that made people forget their reasoning and themselves.

Since they had dinner at the noodle shop, Ye Bei Feng would take the initiative to greet the previous host.

From time to time, they would meet and walk to the library together.

She hoped that her love would remain whenever she met him, that kind of heart pounding moment.

But the world was fair.  If one got the attention of the prince, it would also bring the jealousy of other people.

The previous host was from a normal family, she relied on the exam to come from the countryside to go to the school in the city.

Although her parents loved her, their family wasn’t well off.

Her grades were good, but she was only good at certain things.  Her English was good, but her math was very bad.

Although she received a scholarship to pay for her expenses, she was completely different from Ye Bei Feng who was the absolute all rounded best student.

So no one recognized the relationship between her and Ye Bei Feng.

At least Ye Bei Feng’s number one fan, Qian Xiu Xiu definitely wouldn’t!

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