Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2955: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 63)

The ministers looked at each other with clear looks of disappointment at the emperor’s decision.

To them, if Song Nan Mo had the confidence to take down the High Race Country, that was a large opportunity for their country.

It was a pity that Feng Yu suppressed the three hundred thousand troops in his hand and wasn’t willing to give them to Song Nan Mo.

Once, twice, thrice……

Over time, the ministers started to feel begrudged against the emperor.

If the ruler lost the heart of his people, then Feng Yu had lost half of his land.

He was a smart person, he naturally understood that.

Actually, he could have been a carefree emperor and left Song Nan Mo to fight his battles.

Whether he lived or died, it didn’t matter to him.  The ministers wouldn’t say anything and he would be known as an emperor that cared about his ministers.

But it was Song Nan Mo.

He couldn’t convince himself to hand those three hundred thousand troops to him.

Without knowing it, Feng Yu found himself walking to the Righteous Declaration Palace.

He hadn’t been in this place for a long time.  The Righteous Declaration Palace was as usual.  This place wasn’t a cold palace, but it also didn’t receive the emperor’s care.

Feng Yu looked at it before walking in.

The weather was gradually getting cooler and the leaves of the maple trees on the side were falling.

Du San Bao wanted to say something, but Feng Yu stopped him.  He went in to find that Concubine Rou was still sitting by the window like before.

“This servant greets the emperor.”  Su Su immediately kneeled before saying, “Concubine, the emperor is here.”

Su Su looked very happy, but Concubine Rou didn’t have any expressions.

She just politely greeted him, “This concubine greets the emperor.”

“Sit.”  Feng Yu waved his hand and said, “You can all leave, this one wants a few words alone with Concubine Rou.”

“Yes.”  The servants all said, “This servant is leaving.”

“Why is the emperor interested in visiting this concubine today?”  Concubine Rou poured him a cup of tea, “This concubine thought that you would never come back here.”

Feng Yu took a sip of the tea, “Just casually walking around.”

“But this concubine can see that there’s something in the emperor’s heart.”  Concubine Rou said with a faint smile, “Moreover, it should be related to my brother.”


There was the sound of a cup falling to the ground as Feng Yu angrily looked at Concubine Rou, “Do you think you’ve won?  If Song Nan Mo doesn’t have this one’s three hundred thousand troops, do you think he can defeat the High Race Country?  Concubine Rou, ah, Concubine Rou, when did you become this naive?”

There were many people pressuring him in court and he was being treated like this in the harem.  A proud person like Feng Yu naturally couldn’t accept this.

But looking at Concubine Rou, he found that she was calm and didn’t seem to panic at all.

“I don’t know if General Song can defeat the High Race Country or not.”  Concubine Rou said with a calm look, “But this concubine knows that he is getting closer to doing what he wants to do and realizing his dreams.”

As his blood related sister, she knew better than anyone why Song Nan Mo was doing this.

He was that desperate and worked so hard, not fearing pain and almost losing his life.

Why did he have such great conviction?

One person, it was because of one person.

“He, he……He, he, he……Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”  Feng Yu laughed like he had gone crazy after hearing this, “This one knows!  How could this one not know?  But Concubine Rou, this one could threaten your father’s life in the past and now this one can also threaten Song Nan Mo’s life.”

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