Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2954: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 62)

Luo Qing Chen’s words were correct.  If it wasn’t for Concubine Rou, she might have been forced into the Brocaded Zither Palace.

Then the situation between her and Song Nan Mo would be even more difficult than now.

She was no longer in the palace.  Even if Feng Yu wanted to make it hard for Song Nan Mo, he couldn’t find an excuse.

If he could live safely, she would have more time to kill her way into the palace.

Just a bit more time, just a bit more……

At the same time, in the Close Shift camp.

Song Nan Mo had used three days to settle the captured cities and troops, as well as settling the innocent citizens.

War was cruel.  The reason for taking Close Shift was to better attack the High Race Country.

This war was inevitable, but now that this place was captured, it should minimize their losses.

The citizens were innocent and they should be treated and saved if they deserved it.

“Reporting to the general, the people of Close Shift have already been settled.”  Deputy general Liu Shuai said, “But the bit of information we released has all been discovered by the High Race Country.”

“This fast?”  Song Nan Mo knitted his brows as a trace of disbelief appeared in his eyes.

During this year, their country and the High Race Country had a peace treaty.  The two sides wouldn’t invade each other and exchanged with each other on friendly terms.

But for some reason, the High Race Country kept taking in small countries near their borders.  This was something that Song Nan Mo couldn’t understand.

So he laid out a few points for them.  He never thought that they would be found by the other side in just a single day.

“Yes.”  Liu Shuai replied, “This subordinate also doesn’t know how they were discovered so quickly.  When we were stationed in these places before, it was never discovered this quickly.”

Song Nan Mo lowered his head to look at the military map after hearing this and asked, “What do you think?”

“This subordinate thinks the High Race Country has a very skilled strategic advisor.”  Liu Shuai knitted his brows and said, “Otherwise, it is impossible to find all the strongholds established by the general so quickly.”

“Un.”  Song Nan Mo gave a cold laugh, “I also think the same.”

But no matter how smart this advisor was, it wouldn’t stop him from taking the heart of the High Race Country.

There was no one in this world who could stop him, not even a god of death.

The palace.

After Song Nan Mo attacked Close Shift, the ministers all submitted requests to make Song Nan Mo a first grade country protecting duke.

“Reporting to the emperor, the High Race Country has been moving recently.  This minister feels that we should give General Song more troops and supplies, so he can take the High Race Country in one fell swoop.”

“Reporting to the emperor.  General Song has swept across the battlefield without a single defeat, so this minister agrees.”

“This minister agrees.”

“This minister agrees.”


In the Golden Imperial Hall, Feng Yu’s face looked ugly.

The situation had developed too quickly in a short year, so quick that he wasn’t able to react.  Song Nan Mo already had this much prestige and status in court.

This was different from what he thought in the beginning.  At first, he even thought that Song Nan Mo would die on the battlefield.

He couldn’t kill him, but he wanted him to die.

But he never thought that Song Nan Mo would become a completely different person.

He was decisive and brave.  From the very beginning, he had few defeats and step by step increased his power in the army.

In the three armies now, there was no need for commands as everyone would submit to him.

The young general who was as proud as a god.

“Our country and the High Race Country have a peace treaty.  If General Song were to attack the High Race Country now, wouldn’t that ruin the alliance?”  Feng Yu cleared his throat and said, “Our country has its own rules.  This one feels that this matter should be discussed later.”



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