Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2947: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 55)

“Do you know fear now?”  Luo Qing Chen floated over to her like a ghost, “The empress wasn’t merciful when you killed me, why did you kill me?  I was your person, how could I tell the truth?”

Luo Qing Chen’s voice was ethereal and seemed to fill the entire Flying Flower Palace.  It was like her voice was like that of a soul.

“Don’t come to me, I didn’t kill you……”  The empress held her head and looked at Qing Lan with wide eyes, “It was Qing Lan, it was her……She was the one that killed you with her own hands.”

Luo Qing Chen gave a silent laugh of disdain in her heart.

In the end, the empress ‘strong heart’ was destroyed.

Who wasn’t afraid of ghosts in this world?  Not to mention that she wasn’t just acting as one, she was using her powers to play with her.

In front of a ‘ghost’, the master and servant relationship of many years didn’t exist.

“What?”  Qing Lan trembled.  Then she screamed, “Empress, if it wasn’t for your orders, how could this servant dare kill someone.”

“Shut your mouth.  Bold servant, you dare to slander this one.”

“Whether this servant has slandered the empress, the empress knows in her heart.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”  The ethereal voice sounded again, “I like seeing dogs bite each other like this.  Empress, ah, empress, I tried my best to kill the eighth prince for you and you actually burned the bridge after crossing it.  My heart is so cold.  Today, I will give you a happy experience.”

“Don’t come over.”  The empress gave a gulp, “Just be a good ghost if you’re already dead, there are rules in the underworld!  If you kill me, you won’t gain anything.  The matter of the eighth prince, if you didn’t die, we would all die.  If this one could save you, this one would have.”

The empress did her best to keep her voice calm, hoping to survive in the end.

“If you leave now, this one will pray for you every night.  This one will go to the……temple for you……”  The empress took a deep breath, “To let you escape this sea of suffering as soon as possible.”

“When I came over, there was a child that was also coming to find you……”  Luo Qing Chen said with a cold smile, “It really is pitiful.”

“Right, right……The eighth prince……”  The empress brought her hands together to face the sky, “This one will also pray for the eighth prince so he can enter heaven sooner.  This one promises that this one will never hurt a child again…..This one……”

“Empress.”  Luo Qing Chen softly called her, “There’s no chance.  You should die, you should die with us……”

“You, you……You……”  The empress felt the murderous intent of the other side.

Her legs turned soft and she crawled away while shouting, “Save me……Save me……Kill Qing Lan first, kill Qing Lan first……”

In the darkness, she hugged a pair of legs that were wearing golden boots.

The surrounding slowly lit up.

Su Su came over with a basin of water.  Luo Qing Chen dipped a handkerchief in the water and wiped her face.

The empress finally came to her senses, but it was too late.

Although the curtains of the Flying Flower Palace had been lowered by Luo Qing Chen, there were many people standing outside and they had naturally heard everything.

Although they couldn’t see it, what they heard definitely wasn’t wrong.

“Empress, you really have disappointed this one.”  Feng Yu walked over with large steps.  He threw off her arms and sat down on the high seat.

“Emperor……Emperor…..It’s not true, it’s really not true……”  The empress stood up while trembling.  She pointed at Luo Qing Chen and said, “It was this servant, it was all this servant who framed this wife.”

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