Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2946: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 54)

But it was right when she thought about it.  If she feared demons and gods, then she wouldn’t do something as unscrupulous as killing a child.

“Ke, ke.”  Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat and said with curled lips, “I will destroy you on behalf of the moon god.”

In an instant, the curtains of the Flying Flower Palace were lowered and a cold wind filled the palace.

“Ah!”  Qing Lan was surprised before saying in a worried voice, “Empress, does it seem like it’s dimmer?”

The empress didn’t seem to care at all.  She took off her beautiful earrings as she said, “It should be the moon going behind the clouds.  What are you making a fuss about?”

“But……”  Qing Lan shivered before saying, “This servant clearly feels like it’s colder……”

“I think that you’re too……”

“Too what?”  Before the empress could finish, Luo Qing Chen, wearing a white dress and covered in blood, appeared behind her.

The bright mirror completely reflected her appearance.

If she saw such a terrifying person in the middle of the night, her heart would tremble too.

“Ah!”  Qing Lan shouted, “Ghost!  There’s a ghost!  Someone!  Someone!”

When she was about to run away, Luo Qing Chen raised her right hand and a wooden table blocked her way.

“You……who are you……Why……why are you pretending to be a ghost?”  The empress held her chest as she tried to seem as calm as possible.

She kept telling herself in her heart: Don’t panic, absolutely do not panic.  It has to be someone pretending to be a ghost.

“What pretend?”  Luo Qing Chen had a strong murderous intent appear in her eyes, “Do you think that I’m pretending to be a ghost like this?”

As soon as her voice fell, she quickly came in front of the empress and her right hand grabbed her throat, “Empress, this scapegoat, didn’t you use me well?”

She tried to keep her voice as low as possible, letting each word be filled with power.

“You……You are……Xiang Cao?”  The empress’ eyes opened wide as she said in terror, “Impossible……Impossible……Xiang Cao is already dead, she’s already dead……”

“Ah, Xiang Cao……Ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost……festival……”  Qing Lan instantly came back to her senses and knelt down, “Don’t come looking for me……It wasn’t me, it really wasn’t me.”

“Sister Qing Lan, you personally killed me, did you forget?”  Luo Qing Chen squeezed the empress’ neck while turning to look at Qing Lan, “Don’t be in a rush, the next one will be you.”

“Don’t, don’t.”  Qing Lan’s face had already turned pale from fear and she wanted to escape.

Luo Qing Chen used her mind to control objects to block off her path.

Of course, she also wanted the empress to personally see that she……was a ‘ghost’.

Because ‘ghosts’ could move objects.

“Ah!”  The empress lost her rationality and her eyes were filled with fear.

She had been in the palace for many years and she had seen many people use underhanded tactics.

So she never would have thought that Xiang Cao would become a ghost to come for her life.  But the unbelievable things kept appearing in front of her again and again.

Her strong heart couldn’t take it anymore and was struck with fear.

“Don’t come over, don’t come over, don’t come over.”  She desperately ran forward, but Luo Qing Chen controlled her shoes to go under a flower pot so that she couldn’t move at all.

She was afraid!  Her heart was filled with extreme and incomparable fear.

It was as if an evil spirit had grabbed her and she couldn’t escape no matter what.  Her feet wouldn’t even take a single step.

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