Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2933: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 41)

“Someone.”  Feng Yu revealed a calm look as he looked over everyone, “Bring Song Nan Mo to the prison.  When you think this through, come and see me.”

Song Nan Mo and Luo Qing Chen naturally knew what Feng Yu was saying.

He wanted them to willingly leave each other.  One could have a bright future in the court and the other could have a smooth path in the harem.

Just a single nod, both man and woman could easily obtain everything that they wanted.

It was a pity that……

Even if the emperor was ruthless, that didn’t mean that others were as well.

“Other than that, Luo Qing Chen for her crimes will be Brocaded Zither Palace.”  Feng Yu narrowed his deep eyes as a sharp glow appeared in them.

He had time to wait for her to surrender to him, for her to become his concubine.

“Brocaded Zither Palace……”  The empress dowager muttered before looking at Feng Yu with a look of disbelief.

Through the dynasties, the Brocaded Zither Palace was the palace of the favoured concubine.

Whether it was the building or the furnishings, they were all magnificent.

Just what was the origin of this maid that would make the emperor behave unexpectedly again and again.

“This servant asks the emperor to allow this servant to take a trip to the Righteous Declaration Palace to pack this servant’s things.”  Now that she already reached a dead end, she couldn’t implicated Concubine Rou.

“That’s fine.”  Feng Yu looked into her clear eyes and said, “This one hopes that next time you beg this one, it will be for something else.”

Luo Qing Chen slowly looked up with a cold look in her eyes.

She was filled with endless regret now.  If she hadn’t saved him at the Clear Light Temple, she and Song Nan Mo wouldn’t be in this position now.

Righteous Declaration Palace.

Concubine Rou tightly held her hand as her tears couldn’t help dripping down.

Luo Qing Chen had wanted to act calm so she wouldn’t make Concubine Rou worry.

But seeing her cry, she suddenly felt a similar sadness.

It was as if thinking that only you were aggrieved, but seeing the people look at you with worried looks, you would feel even more aggrieved.

“First sit.”  Concubine Rou took a deep breath, “You can all leave first.”

The eunuchs looked at each other with blank dismay, as if they didn’t dare let Luo Qing Chen leave their sights.

After all, they had followed the emperor for many years.  They naturally knew what position this girl named Luo Qing Chen had in the emperor’s heart.

“Do you really think that I would do something treasonous?”  Concubine Rou looked at the eunuchs with a sharp look, “My Song Family has worked hard for everything that we have today and this one still wants to keep this one’s head.”

“Yes, Concubine Rou.”  This was the eunuchs’ first time seeing Concubine Rou this angry.

But they only saw her anger, not her sadness or loneliness.

When Song Nan Rou was still single, what she wanted the most was a love that she could live and die with.

She had met it, but failed to fulfil her promise.

“Concubine……”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said in a choked up voice, “It was me who was wrong, I harmed Sir Song.”

“No, it can’t be blamed on you.”  Concubine Rou shook her head, “Perhaps this is the fate of us siblings.  We will never be with the one that we love until we die.”

“Concubine……what……what do you mean by this……”

“This one will tell you a story, a very short and unremarkable story.”  Concubine Rou took a deep breath as a layer of mist appeared in her eyes, “But it was the most beautiful……time in my life.”

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