Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2932: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 40)

He naturally wasn’t willing to punish her, but he needed her to know.

A ruler was a ruler and a subordinate was a subordinate.

No matter how they liked each other, the things that he liked could only ever belong to him.

“Peng, peng, peng.”

Once, twice, thrice……

The board slammed into Song Nan Mo’s body, but he never made a sound as he looked at her.

Luo Qing Chen was restrained by two eunuchs.  She bit her lips and her eyes were red.

“I’ve never……ke, ke……wanted to take the jade pendant back.”

“Song Nan Mo.”

“There are many things……that I don’t have time to say……I feel very much regretful thinking about them now……”

His voice trembled a bit and his navy blue robes were dyed with blood.

It probably hurt a lot, but he endured and never said the word ‘pain’.

“Two hundred paddles, can you endure it that easily?”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said in a choked up voice, “You clearly had many other choices.”

“No.”  His eyes were firm as he said with trembling lips, “My only choice is you.”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 90%.]

It was only at this moment that he was able to see his heart clearly.

It turned out that he could give one person everything.

He never thought that this day would come, but it was both painful and happy.

“I won’t let you die.”  Luo Qing Chen gritted her teeth.  She used forced in her hands and broke free of the eunuchs.

Her eyes were dark with a hint of coldness as they swept over everyone.

The two eunuchs carrying out the punishment were so shocked that they forgot to hit him with the board.

“Qing Chen.”  Song Nan Mo grabbed her hand and said, “Don’t, don’t go beg him……”

“I won’t beg him.”  Luo Qing Chen looked up with cold eyes, “But I can threaten him.”

As soon as her voice fell, she jumped up and knocked over the two eunuchs carrying out the punishment.

All the guards gathered around and Luo Qing Chen picked up the sword on the ground.  She stood by Song Nan Mo’s side with an extremely cold look in her eyes.

“Luo Qing Chen, are you crazy?”  Feng Yu heard the noise and rushed over from the Supreme Hall.  He angrily looked at her and said, “Do you want to assassinate this emperor?”

“Ah!”  The empress dowager was so scared that she screamed.

Fang Yin quickly came in front of her, “Protect the empress dowager, protect the empress dowager.”

Luo Qing Chen calmly looked at Feng Yu, “Emperor, do you think that I won’t dare?”

“This one thinks you’re crazy.”  Feng Yu gave a cold snort, “What kind of place is the palace?  Even if you are skilled, you can’t do anything here.”

“The emperor is correct.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at Song Nan Mo before taking a deep breath, “Sir Song is a minister of the court, so it is natural for him to have his own thoughts.  He isn’t willing to marry Princess Yin, the emperor is benevolent, so naturally you won’t force him.”

“Just what do you want to say?”

“I won’t marry him.”  Luo Qing Chen looked up and said, “If the emperor still thinks this won’t work, I would rather die with Sir Song right here.  In the eyes of the people, the emperor will become someone who forces his ministers to marry even when they aren’t willing, a foolish emperor.”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 100%.]

For the first time, she could live and die with him.

This feeling seemed quite good.

Feng Yu clenched his fists and angrily looked at her.  But right now, the empress dowager was in the Supreme Hall and she had superb martial art skills.  If she really injured the empress dowager, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Not to mention, he didn’t want to see her hurt.

Since she promised not to marry Song Nan Mo, this matter could be considered going according to his plan.

As long as she was in the palace and he wanted her to become his woman, he had many chances.

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