Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2831: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 43)

There was a ‘wa’ sound from around them which proved just how handsome Mu Li Chuan’s ‘protector’ declaration was.

There were some people that didn’t believe that the one standing by Mu Li Chuan’s side was Luo Qing Chen right now, but now they had to believe it.

Lan Ting took a deep breath before looking in Su Chen’s direction.

But Su Chen’s eyes had been on Luo Qing Chen the whole time and it had never moved.

She suddenly wanted to cry, but she knew that she couldn’t cry.  She proudly turned around and left this place.

Along the way, there were scattered fragments of words that entered her ears that were all hard to listen to.

Why, why was the goddess of luck never on her side?

Why, why was the person Su Chen cared about not her after waiting for four years?

The photography department’s exhibition was very successful this time.  Luo Qing Chen also explained to the students of the department why she was able to photograph the ‘death icicle’.

The death icicle was a very special phenomenon that would only appear for a short time, but it was very spectacular.

Before the death icicle appeared, the movement of the south pole’s tundra would shift.  At that time, there would be a creature called the ‘Hidden Ice Butterfly’ that would appear.

This meant that as long as you could see the Hidden Ice Butterfly, you could find the death icicle.

This wasn’t luck.

Gu Zhu angrily stomped her foot and left amongst the admiration of the department.

She hated commoners to her core and hated lowly commoners like Luo Qing Chen who was able to excel in front of the rich students.

In her eyes, this was a very absurd thing.

Poverty was the symbol of a low status.

Wealth was the symbol of a high status.

This was the truth in her eyes and it would never be changed.

In the end, among the thirty people who went to the desert, there was Mu Li Chuan, Luo Qing Chen, Lan Zhi, Gu Shu, the boy with glasses, and Bai Xue.

Speaking of Bai Xue, her picture was of a shark.  It could be considered a dangerous scene, but when the teacher asked her to describe how she had taken the photo, she hesitated and only said a few general things.

This made everyone doubt the authenticity of this picture, or they thought that she invited a professional to take it.

But the professional wasn’t found, so no one could prove that this photo was fake.

Bai Xue naturally disliked Luo Qing Chen, but since she didn’t know anything about photography and she had to keep that gentle appearance in front of Mu Li Chuan, she didn’t clash with Luo Qing Chen like Gu Zhu did this morning.

In the last class of the department, the teacher said after the bell rang, “The ten students who won the trip to the desert should go home and prepare tonight because this time we’ll be heading into the no man’s land, so it’ll be very dangerous.  If you’re scared, you can choose not to go.”

“Ah, those that don’t want to go, please tell me.  I’ll take your space.”  A fat boy said.

“Don’t!  Give the chances to the girls!  I…..I’ll fill your spot.”  A girl with round eyes said.


For people that liked photography, the word ‘danger’ was inevitable to a certain extent.

After all, if you wanted to take different photos, you had to go to places that people normally didn’t go.

Therefore, it was impossible for those that worked hard to get those spots to not go.

“If everyone is determined to go, then you should prepare tonight.  The expedition team will set off the day after tomorrow and you will go with them when the time comes.  It will take around fifteen days and whether you can take special photos will depend on you.”

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