Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2830: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 42)

Gu Zhu clearly didn’t understand what Luo Qing Chen meant.  She wanted to say that this was irrelevant, but she was interrupted by Mo Li Chuan’s next words.

“The Hidden Ice Butterfly is a microorganism according to many scientists.  Because it’s too small, most people can’t see it with the naked eye.”  Mu Li Chuan’s beautiful eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen and he said, “Qing Chen can see the Hidden Ice Butterfly, which means that her vision is different from ours.”

Without knowing why, seeing Mu Li Chuan explaining it seriously like this, she felt that he was very handsome.

It was because Mu Li Chuan had spoken that even though Gu Zhu wanted to say something, she didn’t dare say a single word.

She still had lingering fears about what happened at Muse that day.  So when she heard Mu Li Chuan’s voice, she felt her heart tremble.

“How could it be different?”  Before Gu Zhu replied, another person stood out.

Lan Zhi’s big sister, the one who loved Su Chen for many years, Lan Ting.

“Our photography department doesn’t need to explain to you what’s different.”  Mu Li Chuan narrowed his cold eyes to look at her, “You’re not qualified.”

Compared to Gu Zhu, he hated people who gossiped behind one’s back more.  Lan Ting was one of those people.

It was because everyone could tell that Mu Li Chuan’s tone was different.  Those that admired Mu Li Chuan immediately spoke up.

“Hey, where did you come from?  Be careful when you speak to young master Li, alright?”

“You’re so noisy even though you’re not in our department.  What does it matter to you?”

“Don’t you know?  People live by the sea, they care more about others.  I heard……that when it came to Luo Qing Chen and professor Su’s matter, she was the one who gossiped the most!”

“Yo!  She can’t get the love she wants!  So what if she looks good, she has a villain’s mouth.”


Lan Ting was very hurt by these remarks and she revealed a rare pale look on her face.  It was as if the secret that had been kept deep in her heart for a long time had suddenly been revealed by everyone.

“I was just asking, young master Li doesn’t need to be this fierce.”  After a while, Lan Ting took a deep breath and said, “I didn’t say anything bad about……Luo Qing Chen.”

Actually, she had been waiting.  She had been waiting for a man to protect her.  After all, in her heart, if it wasn’t for the so-called ‘An Qing Yu’s’ heart, Su Chen should care more about her and not Luo Qing Chen……

But Su Chen had never spoken up for her when everyone’s eyes fell onto her.

She didn’t know why, she just knew……she felt very bad.

This endless and painful waiting had reached a turning point, but the direction that it turned was different from what she imagined.

An Qing Yu had died four years ago and the one that Su Chen cared about…..wasn’t her……

Why?  Why was it that when she worked so hard and she loved Su Chen even before An Qing Yu that Su Chen never gave her a chance?

“You didn’t say it, but you did it.”  Mu Li Chuan walked away from the photo and stood by Luo Qing Chen’s side as he said, “Not to mention, I am this person’s protector.  If you target her, I will target you.  Is there something wrong?”

Everyone’s eyes then fell onto Mu Li Chuan.

Even Luo Qing Chen looked over with shock in her eyes.  The faint light of the sun fell onto his almost perfect face.  The pair of deep eyes, the faint smile on his lips, and the words that he said, it really made him too handsome, alright?

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