Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2812: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 24)

“Young master Li.”  Gu Zhu softly bit her lips as she looked at Mu Li Chuan, “Although we aren’t friends, I admire you very much.  How could someone with my status do something like make it hard for a waiter!”

“Un.”  Mu Li Chuan sat down on a sofa on the side.  He gracefully picked up the cocktail the bartender handed over and said, “I believe what you said.”


Luo Qing Chen heard a buzzing sound in her head.

Could it be that Mu Li Chuan wasn’t here to help her, but rather Gu Zhu?

Impossible!  Based on what Gu Zhu said, she and Mu Li Chuan weren’t close.

Taking a step back, that meant that Gu Zhu didn’t have much of an impression in his heart.

And she!

She was his childhood friend and she had 10% affection!

She suddenly couldn’t understand Mu Li Chuan.  It was as if under that elegant gentleman appearance, there was an arrogant devil.

It should be because of Mu Li Chuan’s words that the people who stood on Gu Zhu’s side before became more confident.

After all, the famous Mu Family’s young master Li had spoken for their side, so they could act even more unscrupulous.

“Do you see it, poor people are poor people.  There are too many shameless people in the world.”

“That’s right!  Why come to Muse and be a waiter if you have no money!  Could it be that you don’t know our rich bodies will feel dirty just by touching them?”

“Shouldn’t you go move bricks?  Why come to Muse and be an eyesore?  Isn’t construction work more suited for you?”


This time, there were no opposing voices other than these harsh words.

Mu Li Chuan really was Mu Li Chuan, no one here dared to disrespect him.

Luo Qing Chen slightly narrowed her eyes to look at Gu Zhu.

On that face covered in heavy makeup, there was the strange smile of a winner.  It was as if there was a pride that came from the bottom of her heart.

It really made people have the urge to go forward and slap her a few times.  She really felt that Mu Li Chuan wasn’t being cute this time!

It’s no wonder that even though they are childhood friends, the previous host didn’t like him and fell for that scumbag Su Chen instead!

He was this uncute, not to mention being liked, she couldn’t even wait to hate him!

“Young master Li……really is an understanding person.”  Gu Zhu said with a smile, “There are some things that can only be understood by people of the same world, lower people can’t understand.  I don’t care about this dress at all, but you shouldn’t keep making up nonsense if you can’t afford to pay for it!”

Gu Zhu felt like she was ascending, like she was sitting on a spaceship made of cotton.  She felt like her whole body was soft and she felt very happy.

She thought that it would be hard to get close to Mu Li Chuan with her status, but she never thought that there would be this kind of intersection today.

This kind of intersection made her incomparably happy.  Could it be……Could it be that Mu Li Chuan liked her?

God!  She felt a flower blooming in her heart as soon as she thought of this.

“The people who know me know that I’m not an understanding person.”  Mu Li Chuan gave a cold laugh, “How much for this dress?”

Gu Zhu was surprised, not understanding what Mu Li Chuan meant.  But she still proudly lifted her head and said, “One hundred and sixty thousand.  It’s a famous designer from France……”

“Un!  Give the money!”  Before Gu Zhu could finish, Mu Li Chuan cut her off.  The handsome man behind him came forward to drop a stack of money on the glass table.

Mu Li Chuan narrowed his eyes and revealed a faint smile, “Now you can take off the dress.”


Once again, Luo Qing Chen felt a buzzing sound fill her mind.

What was this situation?  She couldn’t even expect Mu Li Chuan’s reversal, let alone the others.

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