Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2811: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 23)

“You’re saying that he stained your dress?”  Luo Qing Chen looked down at Li Hui, “Is that so?”

“No, ke, ke, ke.”  Li Hui’s face turned pale because he had been forced to drink too much.  But he still pleaded in a loud voice while coughing, “I was delivering something to the young master in the Blue Water Room when she suddenly backed up and……bumped into me……”

“A small waiter dares to question me?”  Gu Zhu angrily shouted, “I can buy ten of these dresses in a month, but you can’t afford one in your entire life.  Why would someone of my status make it hard on a poor person like you?”

Gu Zhu was very powerful, she deserved to be called the big sister of the class.  She used the theory of ‘wealth’ to explain everything.

The rich will never steal from the poor, but the poor must have stolen something that only a rich person could own.

This kind of theory that was from the sixteenth century, she never thought that it would appear in front of her now.

After Gu Zhu said this, there were various comments from around them.

“I feel that the girl in the black dress is right.  The poor people are dirty, if it wasn’t for them bumping into me, I would feel disgusted even walking beside them.”

“You’re right!  If the girl in the black dress bumped into someone, she wouldn’t wrong a person over a piece of clothing!  I really think that there’s no need!”

“Anyway, the waiter looks like he made a mistake and couldn’t afford to pay.  So he could only pay…..with that.”


Although most of the comments didn’t sound good, there were a few that were pleasant to the ear.

“You can’t say that!  The people who come here are all rich or powerful, there’s no need for this sense of superiority.”

“Everything isn’t certain.  If Muse was willing to release the camera footage, we would know for certain.  It’s a pity that with our status, we can’t get Muse to show us the camera footage.”

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and looked at Gu Zhu.  She curled her lips into a smile of deep meaning, “Even if what you said was true, what……

Li Hui interrupted her before she could say the word ‘evidence’.

“Classmate……”  Although Li Hui was still being pushed down by golden tooth’s subordinates, he still used all his strength to speak, “What she says isn’t true, don’t pay her.”

“Dirtying other people’s things without intending to pay for them, that’s something that you poor people will do.”  Gu Zhu looked down on them like an absolute queen and curled her red lips, “You dirty people.”

“I heard there was a commotion, so I came to take a look.”

There was a lazy voice that had a trace of coldness that slowly rang out from not far away.

There were already many people watching, at least half the people in the entire bar were here.

But when this voice sounded, everyone created a path for him.

He was dressed in a purple suit with an elegant eight starred badge on his chest, looking very noble.  The chestnut brown hair looked so beautiful under the warm light of the bar.

“Young master Li.”  The surrounding security guards called his name at the same time.

In Muse, or in the entire business circle, no one was willing to offend the Mu Family and even less people were willing to offend Mu Li Chuan.

Men wanted to share a glass of alcohol with him and women wanted to cuddle with him.

“Young master Li.”  Gu Zhu suddenly remembered what happened at school this evening.

Mu Li Chaun had helped Luo Qing Chen.  As for why, she didn’t know.

But right now, in this situation, she had to act first.

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