Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2797: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 9)

“Student number?” Gu Zhe couldn’t help covering her mouth as she revealed a smile, “Does our class ever divide duty based on student number?”

“Un humph?”  Luo Qing Chen leaned on the table and her right hand tapped the table out of habit.  She looked up and saw that there was a familiar figure standing at the door.

She then revealed a smile as she turned back to Gu Zhu, “If you follow the order, it should be student 27 and 28.  But if you think about it, it should be 1 and 2 today.”

She deliberately ignored her words because she knew that for people like Gu Zhu, the more you ignored them, the angrier they became.

“What nonsense are you saying!”  Gu Zhu slapped the table, “I’m telling you that our class doesn’t follow student numbers, do you not understand?  Did you get kicked in the head?”

Gu Zhu’s words were sharp.  There had been some chatter in the class before, but now it had all stopped.

Luo Qing Chen still had a calm look as if she didn’t care about Gu Zhu’s words at all.

But while she wasn’t scared, that didn’t mean Fat Tiger wasn’t scared.

“Queen Zhu…...Qing Chen isn’t feeling well today, so she came a bit late.  I……I’ll help cover for her duties, so don’t be angry……Don’t be angry.”  Fat Tiger’s voice trembled a bit.  The other side had many people, so they couldn’t cause trouble in this kind of school.

Gu Zhe was taken aback by Fat Tiger’s sudden words.  Then there was the fact that she didn’t like fat people in the first place.

It was difficult for her to look at this thing that was like a ball of fat twisted together.

Gu Zhu suddenly pushed Fat Tiger and said in an angry voice, “What does it matter to you?  Shut your mouth.”

She was very strong and Fat Tiger almost fell onto all fours, but it was a good thing that Luo Qing Chen was behind her to catch her.

“Then you can decide, will it be number 27 and 28 on duty or number 1 and 2?”  Luo Qing Chen saw Gu Zhu’s increasingly twisted face and she felt very happy.

She couldn’t help praising herself at this time.  One of her strengths was using the most accurate method to anger her enemies half to death.

“Are you deaf?”  Gu Zhu raised her right hand and was about to slap Luo Qing Chen.

This kind of thing wasn’t uncommon for her who had lived for thousands of years.

With a ‘dong’ sound, she just stood there like before while firmly holding Gu Zhu’s wrist.  There was a smile of disdain on her lips as she said, “Have you made a choice?”

“You son of a——”  Gu Zhu spat out a series of words that wasn’t suited for people’s ears.

Luo Qing Chen’s brow twitched before clearing her throat to say, “If you haven’t chosen, then we’ll let the teacher choose.”

Gu Zhu’s eyes widened at that moment.  The entire class turned to look at the entrance of the classroom.

The teacher’s face was livid, allowing people to sense the full anger that was in her heart.

Gu Zhu quickly cleared her throat, “Teacher, it was classmate Luo Qing Chen’s turn to be on duty and she deliberately didn’t do it, holding the class back.  She was the one that swore first, so I couldn’t hold myself back.  The rest of the class can testify to this.”

As soon as her voice fell, the girls who hung out with Gu Zhu started speaking.

“Teacher!  Zhu Zhu is right!  Luo Qing Chen is too shameless!  She deliberately chose to disdain our class!”

“Right, right!  This kind of commoner is already envious of us, so they just can’t get along with us.”

“People of what status will do what kind of things, it truly is disgusting.”

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