Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2796: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 8)

After sorting out her thoughts, Luo Qing Chen laid down in her bed.

Tomorrow was when the real battle began.  The people who mocked her, hurt her, and bullied her.

She wouldn’t……let a single one off.

The next morning, Luo Qing Chen got up early.

Fat Tiger poked her head out of the blanket with a very confused look, “This early?”

She smiled without replying.  Fat Tiger quickly got up and took out an umbrella from the closet for her, “For you, it’s an early birthday present.  Don’t be sad, cheer up.”

Birthday?  She had almost forgotten.

This umbrella had also appeared in the previous host’s word, but she had said to Fat Tiger, “Birthday presents should be given on the day, so can you give it to me tomorrow?”

“Thank you.”  Luo Qing Chen took the umbrella and looked it over.

Fat Tiger liked doing crafts and she liked the second dimension, so this umbrella was completely decorated in the style of the second dimension.

The entire umbrella was covered in pink feathers and there was a string of copper bells on the handle.

“Relax, the quality of the umbrella is good.”  Fat Tiger said with a proud look, “Although it can’t block the rain, it has no problem stopping the sun.”

“It’s very beautiful.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at the faint sunlight shining through, “It’s very suited to being used today.”

From what she remembered, when Fat Tiger was lying in the pool of blood after saving the previous host, this umbrella had also been there.

The feathers of the umbrella had been stained dark red from the blood, which was very shocking.

The campus in November had a very relaxed feeling.  The light yellow maple leaves were scattered on the ground, looking very beautiful and relaxed.

Luo Qing Chen arrived at the school an hour early.  Fat Tiger thought that she was going out early for morning duty, but that wasn’t the case.

She was going to the academics office to change departments!

Actually, the previous host was very talented in photography.  It wasn’t because she was good at capturing photos, but rather because she had good eyes.

It was a kind of vision that went against human vision, seeing things that humans wouldn’t be able to see.

So she always paid more attention to detail when taking photos, taking pictures of things that others couldn’t.

She was very suited for photography, she was a natural, but she chose to enter the math department which she was the worst with for Su Chen.

Love would make people feel humble.

The dean saw the photography awards she had won before and saw her math grades before deciding to let her transfer departments.

It was already class time when she came back to the class, but no one seemed to have any intentions of taking this class.  Rather, the girls were all stand there in a row with their hands in their pockets while looking down at her.

Luo Qing Chen slightly narrowed her eyes before ignoring them and returning to her seat.

“Hey, don’t you know that there's an inspection today!  You didn’t clean up!”

The girl who spoke first had a slightly sharp voice, curled hair, and a pair of tassel earrings.  Wearing a modified version of the school uniform, she looked like a young miss.

She was called Gu Zhu, one of the people who liked bullying the previous host the most in this class.

She gave a cold laugh before looking up at Gu Zhu, “Fat Tiger and I are student number 25 and 26, we were on duty yesterday.  Who do you think it should be today?”

Gu Zu couldn’t help shaking when she heard this.

She thought that because of Su Chen and Luo Qing Chen breaking up, she would be able to mock and bully her.

After all, being able to be with such an excellent man for so long, Luo Qing Chen owed her a lot, alright?

Now that they had broken up, wasn’t it natural to be bullied?

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