Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2787: Side story: The winds of longing blow away the red snow (1)

This is an answer that comes from the depths of the soul.  Telling myself again and again, I love you.  ——Feng Chen Yin.

What was ‘love’ in this world, it taught people life and death.

Actually, from the very beginning, I didn’t know what love was.  I just knew that big sister didn’t just leave the Sweet Water Lane that was good for her, but went to that ruthless man’s side for the love she believed in.

I had long heard the name Qi Tian Ge.  Before I learned the ultimate skill Refining Mountains and Rivers from my father, I had a fight with him.

At that time, I was a bit better.

I could feel his obsession for martial arts and his obsession with the ultimate skills, but he was still an upright person back then.

Perhaps he was still an upright person when he saved Gu Dai Xiang.

I didn’t know why, but he changed later.

Of course, I still didn’t know Gu Dai Xiang was my sister and I also didn’t know that my father was someone with incredible skills in the Jianghu.

Until Gu Dai Xiang was poisoned with the Seven Insect Seven Flower Poison to get the Soul Release Sutra for him, did I learn that I had a sister and a father.

It should be because my big sister’s obsessive love made her so humble that I was so indifferent to this word.

Until I saw that little girl.  In the snow, her clear eyes made my heart palpitate.

I couldn’t help looking a few more times……

Starting from her appearance and finally……

Finally what?  I didn’t know.

It should be because she made a deal with me with that faint smile on her face, or because she used that coquettish voice to call me master.

At that moment, I actually felt I was a bit despicable.  I thought of myself as a magnanimous person, but I actually felt despicable.

Because she was very correct.  My purpose for finding her was no different from the others.

I just needed her blood.

The strange thing was that many people wanted her blood and there were many that didn’t want her life, but only wanted her blood like me.

But the stranger thing was that she only wanted to make a deal with me.

Why did she trust me?  Could it be that she wasn’t afraid that I would be using her?

That’s what I thought at that time.  I was doubtful and confused, but I told myself that I would definitely protect her or I would be letting down this little girl’s trust in me.


She said that if someone killed me, she would collect my corpse and have them protect me.

This was probably the first time there was a strange palpitation in my heart.

This feeling was very strange.  If I didn’t meet her, I might have never felt this feeling before.

It was unwilling and unhappy, but I suppressed it.  I calmly told her that this was good as well.

Perhaps from that moment, the so-called ‘love’ had already sprouted in my heart and quickly grew in some unknown corner.

Until I could no longer pretend that I couldn’t see it, until the depths of my heart had already admitted it.

In the inn by the Medicine King Valley, I started teaching her how to act in the Jianghu.  After all, she had been under the protection of Shen Qing Feng for many years, so there were some things that she didn’t know.

But I found that although she seemed innocent, her heart was very cautious.

I suddenly found that a medicine man can sometimes glow.

Seeing her smile like that, I felt like I wanted to say with her forever and never leave her.

But this shining moment couldn’t compare to when she held the sword in one hand and took down the Red Sleeves Divine Nun in a single move.

Although her internal energy came from Shen Qing Feng, who taught her her techniques?

This speed was not something that even Shen Qing Feng could match.

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