Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2788: Side story: The winds of longing blow away the red snow (2)

In the snow, her smile made me frozen in place for a long time.

I even forgot to avoid the falling snow, but it was a good thing that no one noticed me.

I wanted to show up after the Mount Emei people left, or it was fine if she killed them all.

This so-called righteous sect was already very hard to look at for me.

They call themselves righteous and do these lowly things, it really gives a fake feeling.

My meeting with Fang Rou in the past was just a chance encounter.  I felt that her chivalry was good, just like a female hero of the Jianghu.

But when I saw her again, she became a person that only listened to her master and couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong.

Comparing it, I liked this about that little girl.  At least she knew how to love and hate, at least she was honest enough.

This battle was considered quite intense.  She and I defeated countless experts of the Jianghu, among them were the elders of the Sword Trial Mountain Villa who were experts among experts.

I saw the faces of these people and my heart suddenly became clear.

Although I needed her blood to save my big sister, we were different.

Under the cliff, she leaned against me as she slept.  I looked at the wound on the back of her hand for a long time and felt a bit worried.

Medicine men feared fire, I wouldn’t be the only one who knew this.

There were countless books in the Sword Trial Mountain Villa and Qi Tian Ge was someone who would find out everything about her.

I was worried and afraid at the same time that I couldn’t protect her.

Actually, at that moment, there was a terrifying thought that went through my mind.

What if I didn’t save my big sister?  What if I didn’t go to Magnet State?

Everyone in Jianghu should know that I would be bringing the immortal medicine man to save my big sister, so I understood better than anyone how dangerous it was in Magnet State.

I thought of everything.  How to escape, how to save the two of them, how to die together……

But I never thought that I would be betrayed by my big sister.  She actually betrayed me for a man who didn’t care about her life.

I thought that having tea with her was a time of blessing.  Although I didn’t say those three words to her at that time, I knew that she understood.

But big sister……she didn’t care about her life.

She was so selfish that as long as Qi Tian Ge could live, she didn’t care how many innocent people died.

I was filled with regret at that moment.  I felt that I was foolish, I couldn’t see my own position in her heart, or……I couldn’t see through my own heart.

That red snow tore my heart apart from beginning to end.

For the next three years, I didn’t have a single day of good sleep.

I didn’t know the meaning of life and the only obsession in my life was using that red dust to create medicine men.

I was waiting, waiting for a miracle.  Waiting for a miracle that would make her appear again.

It should be that miracle that kept me alive the whole time.

No one understood how I felt when we met again.  The excitement of reuniting was just as exciting as the pain of separation.

Thank  the heavens, thank you for meeting me again, thank you for being by my side…..

The one that rarely talked to you about love wanted to write it all down, living a long life.

Little apprentice, I am not an expressive person.

But I always stuck to one thing and will always be moved by you.  Even if there was no red snow, even if there was no traveling eighty thousand miles, even if you never returned.

I still liked you and it will never change in this life.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 42/100]

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