Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2776: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 48)

“Wa!  So handsome!”

“He truly is handsome!  I feel that even young master Yan Shu isn’t even a tenth of him!”

“I heard that he is the number one swordsman in Jianghu.  I thought that he would have a fierce looking face, but I never thought that he would be so good looking.”

“What use is there in being good looking!  I heard that he likes someone!  It seems to be some medicine man.”

The emperor on the throne cleared his throat, “Hero Long Yin, can you identify my illness?”

“The emperor has too many considerations and it’s easy to feel anxious.”  Feng Chen Yin said, “I brought several medicines.  If you drink them once a day, you will be cured in a month.”

The ministers on the side realized that things were wrong.  The emperor looked at them with narrowed eyes as he guessed that they understood his goal.

“Many thanks, hero Long Yin.”  The emperor continued, “This one has a princess who hasn’t woken up for three years because of her illness and only woke up a few days ago, but her condition isn’t good.  I hope that hero Long Yin can help me take a look.”

“Alright.”  Feng Chen Yin gave a calm nod and left the room.

There were many girls standing outside the hall, including Feng Yue and Feng Wan.

“Cousin Ying.”  Feng Yue waved her hand at Yan Ying, “Quickly come over.”

Yan Ying was surprised as she never expected to see her two cousins.

She quickly came over and asked, “What a coincidence.  You’ve become so beautiful in the year that I haven’t seen you.”

“Hee, hee, cousin, thank you for your praise.”  Feng Yue said with a smile, “Cousin Yin, is that super handsome hero going to check on the princess?”

“Yes.”  Yan Ying gave a nod, “I heard that the princess was in a coma for three years and just woke up.”

“Can you tell him not to go……”  Feng Wan said, “That princess is so ugly that I’m afraid it will dirty the hero’s eyes.  Cousin Ying, you’re so close to the hero, don’t let him go.”

“Eh……”  Yan Ying slightly knitted her brows.  Her impression of the princess became very bad.

But she couldn’t stop Feng Chen Yin, so she shook her head with a sigh, “We can’t stop what the young master does, but I will remind the young master if you say so……”

“We’ll go with you.”  Feng Yue winked and said, “I also asked cousin Yan Shu to come.  If he goes, maybe the princess won’t even meet hero Long Yin!”

“But……why don’t you want the princess to see the young master?”  Yan Ying asked in a confused voice, “The young master is only treating her illness, nothing else.”

“Humph.”  Feng Yue gave a cold snort, “The two of us have been angered half to death by her over the past few days, what if the hero is interested in her?”

“But didn’t you say that she’s very ugly?”

“The uglier a person is, the more of a monster they are!”  Feng Yue gritted her teeth, “Cousin, you have to believe us, she said that she loved Yan Shu to death before!  But after getting sick, she said that she didn’t love him at all!  What a disgusting person!”

“Isn’t this too much?”  Yan Ying pursed her lips, “I’ll go talk to the young master.  If you can, don’t get too close to the young master.  After all, there’s the imperial decree, so he still has to go.”

“Un, un, un, cousin, go and tell him.”  Feng Yue revealed a sly look, “It’s best if he uses a thread to take her pulse and not touch her.”

“Right, right!  We can’t let her make skin contact with that handsome hero, we can’t let her get that advantage!”

Yan Yin shook her head with a bitter smile when she heard this, “He is a very cold person and won’t have feelings for anyone, so you don’t need to worry.  Not to mention the type of girl that you described, he would hate her even more.”

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