Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2775: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 47)

“Is there anything else?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a yawn and said, “You can leave if you have nothing else!”

Were the special missions that bad?!  She’ll take care of it in two and a half hours, then she could go and look for Feng Chen Yin.

Three years, where was Feng Chen Yin now?

[The host wants to solve it that quickly?]

Or what, stay here for New Years with them?  I still have many things to do!

At the same time, in the Medicine King Valley.

“Is young master planning on going to the capital?”  A black clothed woman bowed her head as she asked this.

She was Yan Ying, the younger sister of Yan Shu, the number one genius of the capital.

She had become seriously ill a year ago and even the imperial doctors couldn’t save her.  Yan Shu had no choice but to bring her to the Medicine King Valley, but Feng Chen Yin saved her life with a few silver needles.

Since then, Yan Ying decided to stay in the Medicine King Valley, staying by Feng Chen Yin’s side.

She knew that he was desperately trying to revive a person, but she didn’t want that person to revive…..

Was this considered selfish?  It should be……

“Un.”  Feng Chen Yin calmly said, “You can come with me and then you don’t need to come back.”

His voice was very cold, not having a single trace of warmth.

He didn’t know what Yan Ying was thinking and he didn’t want to know.  The Medicine King Valley didn’t need girls and she might misunderstand something when she awakened.

“Young master……are you chasing me away?”  Yan Ying was surprised before biting her lip, “Can I go with you to the capital and come back with you?”


Feng Chen Yin’s voice was decisive, not giving Yan Ying the slightest bit of hope.

She knew in his heart that there wasn’t a single girl in the world that could replace the medicine man in his heart.

No one could do it……

But could that medicine man be revived?  This was a heavy defying act and the chances of success were so low.

“I understand……”  She pursed her lips and revealed a slightly difficult smile, “I’ll go prepare.”


Seven days after Feng Chen Yin arrived in the capital, Luo Qing Chen still hadn’t recovered yet.  She would sometimes feel heart palpitations and she didn’t know why.

The imperial doctors were helpless and they could only wait for Feng Chen Yin.

But in the eyes of the empress, it was already good news from the heavens that she could wake up.  She would serve her delicious food each day, so Luo Qing Chen’s life was quite good.

Of course, there were many annoying ‘little flies’ that would come causing trouble for her.

But they came with high spirits and left disappointed.

She felt that it was very enjoyable insulting people without caring about the environment and it was terrifying truly insulting people.

It was another lazy afternoon.

Luo Qing Chen ate an apple as she asked her maid Ya Ya what had happened in the Jianghu over the past three years.

Ya Ya had a cousin who worked at the Divine Marquis Manor, so he would tell her a few things about the Jianghu each day.

She found it interesting, so she remembered it.

It happened that the princess who just woke up liked hearing about it, so she told her these things one by one.

“So he went to the Medicine King Valley!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a bitter laugh as a sparkle appeared in her eyes.

“Is the princess talking about hero Long Yin?”  Ya Ya pursed her lips and said, “I’ve heard that he’s already in the palace and he’s here to check on the princess.”

“He’s in the palace?”  Luo Qing Chen said in a surprised voice, “When did this happen?”

“It seems like two hours ago!”  Ya Ya thought about it and said, “He should be checking the emperor right now.”

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