Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2747: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 19)

“Un.”  Feng Chen Yin helplessly shook his head, “Because we were heading to the same destination, we traveled together for some time.”

“It seems like this journey has allowed master to enter the heart of Mount Emei’s number one beauty!”

“Da, da.”  There was a cold finger that tapped her head, “What are you thinking!”

He didn’t care about relationships between men and women, traveling with Fang Rou was no different from traveling alone.

But his disciple liked to turn his words into dead ends that made him very helpless.

“Aiya!”  Luo Qing Chen touched her forehead with a proud look, “I was just thinking, do you prefer the person who needs my blood or do you like this miss Fang Rou who would lower her head for you?”

This question was a trap.  It was because the more Feng Chen Yin didn’t answer, the more she wanted to know.

Feng Chen Yin wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by the sound of swords downstairs.

Hua Yu started fighting with fourth young master Hua.  The inn that was already cramped became a mess in just a few moves.

“You really can’t listen to the truth.”  Fourth young master Hua patted the dust off his white clothes, “How about you ask your miss Fang Rou if it’s true.”

“Shut your mouth!”  Hua Yu glared at him.  He strangely felt a deep hostility towards the three words “Feng Chen Yin”.

He even hated it more than this fourth young master Hua in front of him!

From the first day he met Fang Rou, he liked her very much.

He liked the gentleness in her eyes, he liked every gesture that she made.

Mount Hua and Mount Emei were on the same side, he was the one who was right for her.

That person who killed and stole, using a secret technique to become the number one swordsman, how could he compete with him?

Therefore, when he heard fourth young master Hua say these words, his heart felt rather uncomfortable.

“Stop fighting!”  Fang Rou whipped her ribbon to stop their fight before coldly saying, “Many thanks to young master Hua for standing up for Fang Rou, but Fang Rou is open and doesn’t need to argue with this villain.”

“Oh?  You keep saying villain, villain, then let me ask you.”  Fourth young master Hua looked at her with a deep look, “Did miss Fang travel with hero Long Yin a few months ago?”

“Yes.”  Fang Rou directly admitted it, “But it’s very normal for people to travel together in the Jianghu, why are you making a fuss over it?”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!  It’s good that you admitted it!”  Fourth young master Hua looked at the black faced Hua Yu with a proud look, “Did you hear that?”

“You’re seeking death!”

“A motley crew, do you really think you are heroes?”  There was an old voice that rang out before a wolf howled.

Blind Wolf slowly came down from the second floor with an azure wolf beside him.  The air in the inn suddenly turned ice cold.

It had to be known that Blind Wolf and Divine Red Sleeves Nun were bitter rivals in the Jianghu.  No one knew where their grudge came from.

But this resentment had reached the point where either one had to die……

“Rou’er, come back.”  Divine Red Sleeves Nun heard this and immediately called Fang Rou back to her side.

Blind Wolf’s martial arts weren’t weak.  Other than the Divine Red Sleeves Nun who was his match and Feng Chen Yin who was stronger than him, the others weren’t his match.

One could imagine just how good his martial arts were before he became blind.

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