Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2746: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 18)

“I say, old nun, just forget it!  You know what kind of things your Emei is.”  One of the large men from the Soaring Dragon Gang said, “Saying that you’re a righteous sect, who doesn’t know——”

“You villain, stop speaking nonsense!”  The Mount Emei sect master Divine Red Sleeve Nun said, “Our Emei is a righteous sect, you can’t slander us like this.”

“Master Divine Nun is right, you can’t slander them!”  Mount Hua Faction’s eldest brother Hua Yu came down the stairs and looked at the number one beauty of Emei, Fang Rou before saying, “My Mount Hua Faction are on the same path as Emei, we definitely won’t allow you to speak this kind of nonsense.”

This time, the Mount Hua Faction had come to the Medicine King Valley to find the immortal medicine man.  The Mount Hua Faction’s sect master was seriously ill and without the blood of the medicine man, he wouldn’t last more than three months.

The eldest disciple Hua Yu came down the mountain as soon as he heard about the immortal medicine man, looking for them to save his master’s life.

But he never thought that before they reached Medicine King Valley, it would be destroyed by the various forces of the Jianghu and the immortal medicine man would disappear.

“Ai!  Isn’t this Hua Yu, the eldest disciple of the Mount Hua Faction?”  Fourth young master Hua waved the fan in his hand, “The Mount Hua Faction, the leader of the four great sects.  An indomitable man, why is he speaking up for an old nun!  Could it be because……”

His eyes fell onto Fang Rou as he said, “A hero feels bad for the beauty?”

“Fourth young master, don’t speak nonsense!  You can insult me, but you can’t insult miss Fang!”  Hua Yu raised the sword in his hand, “Or don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“Ze, ze, ze, you’re getting angry out of shame?”  Fourth young master Hua revealed a smile, “It’s a pity!  Kindness and love has no repayment.  My subordinates have told me that miss Fang Rou went to the capital not long ago with another man.  Does young master Hua know about this?”

Fang Rou was surprised.  Although she was surprised, her eyes became much more gentle.

Divine Red Sleeve Nun looked at her with a sharp look and Fang Rou quickly looked down without daring to say a word.

“Xiu.”  Hua Yu drew his sword and angrily looked at fourth young master Hua, “Truly a petty person!”

“Ai, ai, ai!”  Fourth young master Hua saw that he was really about to make a move and quickly said, “Young master Hua, don’t be excited.  If what I said was wrong, you have no reason to draw your sword at me.  But if what I said was true……”

“Then the relationship between miss Fang Rou and the number one swordsman on the Sword Trial Mountain Villa’s rankings really isn’t normal.”  Fourth young master Hua narrowed his eyes to look at a certain room on the second floor.  There was a dim glow in his eyes.

“You can talk about me, but you can’t talk about others.”  Fang Rou suddenly looked up and said each word with a firm power as she looked at fourth young master Hua, “It’s normal for people in Jianghu to act when they encounter injustice. I am a very open person, don’t judge a gentleman with your petty heart.”

Luo Qing Chen crouched by the window as she watched their conversation on the first floor.  There was a hint of doubt that flashed in her eyes.

The Sword Trial Mountain Villa’s number one swordsman, if she remembered correctly, that was……

“Master, are they talking about you?”  Luo Qing Chen was surprised as she looked at the indifferent looking Feng Chen Yin beside her, “Wa!  Master, you have a Jianghu love!”

“Your mind really is filled with strange things.”  He sat down beside her and narrowed his eyes to say, “It was just that a bunch of thugs were robbing a woman, so miss Fang and I rescued them at the same time.”

“And then?”  Luo Qing Chen looked up, “Based on miss Fang’s expression, you shouldn’t have met just once!”

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