Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2727: Side story: Can’t I regret it? (Part 1)

I walked through mountains and rivers, wasting my life as I went.  Only when I met you did I feel that my life wasn’t wasted.  ——Lu Jue Feng.

The three words ‘Luo Qing Chen’ meant a target in my dictionary.

Because there have been many people called these three words over the years.  I didn’t think that it was that pleasant at first (but later I felt that it was the most beautiful three words in the word).

90% of these people weren’t called that name, but to go from a commoner to a princess, they had to use this name to enter the Luo Family.

Of course, they were all fake.

Some did it for money, some did it for fame, some came to take lives.

These people suffered different fates, but they couldn’t escape the punishment of the Luo Family.

So over the years, I had become very numb to these things.  The new target didn’t come themselves, but were noticed by people through unknown channels.

This kind of person was the most terrifying.

So my first instinct was to spare myself the trouble.  Mister L’s body wasn’t good, especially his heart.  He already had two surgeries and he couldn’t handle it.

He was kind to me, so his life was the most important thing to me.

It was better for this person that gave hope and possible disappointment to not appear.

The mission I gave Yan Tong was not to kill her, but to make her retreat like everyone else.

Unless she refused, then Yan Tong would kill her.

But I never thought that a normal high schooler would make Yan Tong fail and even injure her.

Although she wasn’t outstanding among spies, it was more than enough to deal with a normal person.

After going to the hospital, I handed Yan Tong to Yan Ze and went back to the hotel alone to plan this matter out.

I never thought that I would meet her again so soon.

I didn’t know how she came into my room or how she opened the bedroom door.

I just knew that when we fought, the flames in my heart filled me with excitement.

It was like facing a match, as if I had found my meaning to life.

She never would have known that when she held the pistol to my head and talked to me in that calm tone, how much my heart jumped.

At that moment, I still didn’t know she was Luo Qing Chen.

Or rather, it wasn’t considered love at first sight.  But the lingering throbbing deep in my heart would never dissipate.

When we met again, she had become the real young miss Luo through uncle Nan.

I knew that when she entered the Luo Family, not a single one of the four young masters could touch her.

Of course, I had already given up this idea.  During this time, I did all I could to suppress my feelings.

In fact, I wanted to see her tell mister L that I sent people to assassinate her.  Perhaps then the throbbing in my heart wouldn’t be that deep.

But she didn’t say it and looked at me with an indifferent look.

Those eyes seemed to burn me away, making me want to look at her without being able to control it.

It was an intellectual and emotional struggle.  Those that had never experienced it would never understand.

The first time that I felt that I couldn’t take the flames in my heart was when she grabbed Mo Ling’s hand.

My heart skipped a beat before speeding up.  It was as if the world dimmed and lost all its colour.

Then there was a long time where my thoughts were stuck.  There was no sound around me and it was very dark, making it very uncomfortable.

It turned out that this was what it felt like to care about someone, it really was hard to bear.

But I thought that I could endure and persist.

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