Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2698: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 49)

“But the young miss seems to like……”  Tan Xiao said with a sigh, “The way that you treated her before, it’s normal that she doesn’t like you……But there’s no point in torturing yourself like this!”

He had never seen Lu Jue Feng hurt because of a matter like this.  He didn’t even know how to comfort him.

“It’s quite good……”  In the rainy night, he suddenly laughed at himself before saying with a sad look in his eyes, “This kind of torture can at least tell that ignorant self in my heart something……”


“How much I love her.”

“Young master Feng, you……”

“Let me go alone.”

“Ai……Alright!”  Tan Xiao knew that it was useless to say anything else in this situation, it was better for him to go alone.


The drizzle fell and the cold wind blew.

Lu Jue Feng walked alone on that empty street with the cold rain hitting his wound.

His wound tore open and the blood fell with the rain drop by drop onto the ground, but he didn’t care.

Perhaps it was because there was another pain that overshadowed everything, overshadowed all his pain.

It turned out that liking someone was like this, it was a blessing even to torture yourself.

Lucky to be by her side, to protect her……

It was unknown how long he walked, but his mind filled with chaos.  Everything in front of him blurred and he couldn’t see reality.

Lu Jue Feng felt his eyes go dark as he lost consciousness.


When he opened  his eyes again, he was surrounded by white figures and there was the smell of alcohol in the air.

Lu Jue Feng’s expression changed and Tan Xiao and Yan Tong beside the bed helped him up.  He waved his hand and knitted his brows as he said, “What time is it?”

“It’s midnight.”  Tan Xiao gave a deep sigh, “You, if it wasn’t for me sending people because I was worried, fainting on that bridge in this weather, the trucks wouldn’t have been able to see you on the ground!”

Tang Xiao’s voice was filled with reproach, but being a brother for so many years, he naturally didn’t want to see him torture himself like this.

“She went back?”  Lu Jue Feng didn’t hear anything and just asked about Luo Qing Chen.

The more clearly he saw his heart, the more excited and agitated he became.  The more he wanted to know everything about her and the more he wanted to receive her care.

That was the truest portrayal of his heart right now.

“Don’t worry, young master Ling sent her back.”  Tan Xiao pointed at his wound, “I urge you to take care of yourself!  An infected wound is very serious.  If you didn’t have a good body, you would have been infected a long time ago.”

“Young master Tan is right.  Young master, why are you hurting yourself like this?”  Yan Tong couldn’t contact Lu Jue Feng, so she could only call Tan Xiao.  She never thought that such a big thing would happen.

“I think that I told you clearly that night at the hotel.”  Lu Jue Feng’s eyes suddenly turned cold as he looked at Yan Tong, “If you don’t leave, then don’t blame me for telling mister L who tried to ambush the young miss at the square that day.”

“Young master.”  Yan Tong’s face instantly turned pale.  She was very unfamiliar with this Lu Jue Feng.

It was as if they never knew each other before.  Was that woman really that important?

No, no.  He said that he was only protecting Luo Qing Chen because she was mister L’s granddaughter, it wasn’t for anything else.

It wasn’t for anything else……

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