Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2697: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 48)

“You……What did you say?”  Although it was noisy, Ye Qing had still clearly heard what Luo Qing Chen said.

There was a deep joy and an unprecedented excitement deep inside of him.

“Wait.”  Luo Qing Chen raised her hand and looked around herself.

The light was alternating from bright and dim, but there wasn’t the familiar voice.

“You……What are you looking for?”  Ye Qing looked at her with a confused look as a disappointed feeling filled his excited heart.

“Didn’t you say that there was a booking today?”  Luo Qing Chen slightly knitted her brows, “Where are the others?”

“How do you know?”  Ye Qing was a bit surprised since he didn’t know that much about the bar himself.

His cousin told him that he still had to do business and it was rare that someone would want to make a booking.  It was quite a lot of money and they wouldn’t be loud.

“It’s nothing.”  She shook her head, “I drank too much and recognized the wrong person.  There are some words you shouldn’t take to heart.”

She could see Ye Qing’s eyes dimming and when that sunny face was filled with a sad look, one couldn’t help feeling pained for him.

But she couldn’t do anything.  There would be mistakes no matter how this matter was handled.  However, she wasn’t a saint and she had her mission and her punishments.

She could provide a bad end for the ones that bullied the previous host, but she couldn’t take these emotions.

She felt uncomfortable using this opportunistic method to complete the task, but this was the only way.

“So can I ask who the person Qing Chen wants to confess to is?”  Ye Qing revealed a helpless smile before touching the back of his head and saying, “I just think that person is very lucky, so I wanted to ask.”

“Lucky?”  For the first time, she felt that she was facing Ye Qing with her true self.

She just curled her lips into a faint smile, “If you want to say the word ‘lucky’, I should be luckier than him.”

Looking into each other’s eyes, Ye Qing couldn’t through the glow in her eyes, but he knew very clearly……

Other than being friends, there was no other relationship between them.


At the same time, at the West Pond Bridge.

The rain poured down and there weren’t any pedestrians on this bridge.  Lu Jue Feng stood in the center, letting the rain fall down on him.

He closed his eyes and he pressed his right hand gently on his heart.  It really did hurt……

“Your face doesn’t look good, did your wound open again?”  Tan Xiao quickly caught up and opened an umbrella over him, “Say something!  Just what is happening?”

When Lu Jue Feng left the bar clutching his chest, he was worried so he followed along and he left Mo Ling to take care of the young miss.

It seemed like something was really happening……

“Can’t you already guess what is happening?”  His left hand tightly held the guard rail as they turned white.

It really hurt, this feeling of suffocation.  No matter how desperately he told himself ‘I don’t care, I don’t care’, it didn’t work.

It was like a slow poison that eroded his heart bit by bit.  Without knowing, the poison had spread all over him and there was no cure.

“Young master Feng……”  Seeing his pale face and his sad eyes, even the extroverted Tan Xiao looked at him with a serious look and said in a low voice, “I don’t even recognize you like this……”

“I don’t even recognize him either.”  Lu Jue Feng laughed at himself, “But I’m more awake than I’ve ever been.”

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