Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2677: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 28)

Luo Qing Chen didn’t know if Chen Mei Mei understood what Tan Xiao said, but she did.

Although she didn’t show any emotions on the surface, she trembled deep down.

This Tan Xiao was completely different from how he looked on the surface.  It was like a demon wearing an angel’s face, his heart couldn’t be seen through at all.

“Impossible……Impossible……”  Chen Mei Mei was about to go crazy.

She was very unwilling to face everything that happened.  She hoped that it was false, that it was all false.

But then there was a call that shattered her fantasy because it was a call from the hospital.

“Hello miss Chen, your little sister has lost her right to participate in the free trial of the new drugs at our hospital after two years.  Please come to the New Life Charity Medical Research Center at nine in the morning to pick up your little sister.  I want to express my deepest……”


She almost roared this out before running away like a madman.

No one stopped her, or rather no one dared to stop her.

The faces of the remaining men were very ugly and their feet kept trembling.

Fang Xin Xin on the side couldn’t completely react.  She bit her lips as tears welled in her eyes.

She was very afraid and wanted to run very much, but it was like there were large boulders tied to her feet.

It shouldn’t be like this, she shouldn’t fear Luo Qing Chen……

“What are you doing?”  Before Fang Xin Xin could react, there was a boy in a clean white school uniform that came from around the corner.

The warm sun fell onto his chestnut hair and with a breeze, it gave him that bright handsome feel.

“Classmate Ye Qing.”  Fang Xin Xin called out in surprise before rushing over to Ye Qing and hiding behind him, “I’m a bit afraid, they are people from the underground.”

Ye Qing knitted his brows as he looked in the direction Fang Xin Xin was looking.  When he saw Luo Qing Chen, those beautiful eyes revealed a faint look of pleasant surprise.

“Qing Chen?”  Ye Qing shook off Fang Xin Xin’s hand and walked towards Luo Qing Chen.

She narrowed her eyes to look at Ye Qing in front of her.  The words Sunshine Boy were the best words to describe him.

He didn’t need to do anything, just standing there gave him a youthful feel.

“Eh……”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and wanted to say something, but Tan Xiao already stood in front of her and looked at this man to say, “No one is allowed to easily approach our young miss.”

Although Tan Xiao had a smile, his eyes had a slight chill in them.

Ye Qing could feel his hostility, but he couldn’t understand what he meant by ‘young miss’.

“That……”  After a while, Ye Qing explained, “I am Qing Chen’s classmate.  I never had a way to contact her and I don’t know why she suddenly dropped out……”

“The young miss dropped out because she was to go to a noble school, but since she liked it here better, our old master decided to……”  After a pause, he slightly curled his lips, “Starting tomorrow, Third Mubei High School will be merged with the noble school.”


“What did you say?”


Everyone gave a surprised cry when they heard Tan Xiao’s words, including Luo Qing Chen who was very surprised.

Merging two schools wasn’t a small matter.  She never thought that with a single word that she wanted to remain at Third Mubei High School, it would decide the fates of the two schools.

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