Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2676: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 27)

“Chen Mei Mei, just what did you do?  Do you know what kind of person you’ve offended?”

“Dad, I……I didn’t!”  Her voice trembled a bit.  After all, she was still a high school student and she would want to cry if she was yelled at by an elder.

Father Chen on the other side said, “Dad is about to run and our family’s going to be sold off.  You, it’s my fault for spoiling you too much normally that you actually……Ai……”

With a long sigh, Chen Mei Mei’s father hung up.

“Dad, I……”  Chen Mei Mei wanted to say something, but there was only the dial tone from the other end.

She looked at Tan Xiao with a terrified look as she asked with trembling lips, “You……What did you do?”

“Our young miss can’t be bullied at all.”  Tan Xiao looked at his slender fingers as he said, “The factory that your father opened was built with borrowed money from a company called ‘Dream Loans’.”

“What about that?  My dad pays them back on time each month, isn’t it normal to get a loan to open a factory?”  Chen Mei Mei almost screamed this out because although her father borrowed money, the factory was profitable each year and they never lost money.

So she was still the little princess of the family and lived a pretty good life.

“Yes!  You’re right.”  Tan Xiao gave a shrug, “But so what?  Ten minutes ago, our Luo Group officially bought out ‘Dream Loan’ for three times the asking price and withdrew all the original loans given to you, as well as stopped all other companies from selling raw resources to your factory.”

“You……What do you mean by this?”

“My meaning is that there isn’t a single company in the world that is willing to sell raw resources to your factory anymore.”  Tan Xiao looked up with a smile, looking down at her as he said, “Isn’t this easier to understand?”

Luo Qing Chen didn’t know if Chen Mei Mei could understand Tan Xiao’s meaning, but she could understand.

He closed off all paths for Chen Mei Mei’s family and only left a path of death for her.

A dark and endless path of death…….

“No……Impossible……You can’t do this……What does my father’s factory have to do with you?”  Chen Mei Mei cried as she said, “How can you do this, you can’t do this.  I’ll call the police, I’ll call the police.”

“Oh, right!  Your little sister should be suffering from a rare type of diabetes and she has been on the list for the latest drug trial tests that mister L invested in to support charity and scientific research.”  Tan Xiao didn’t care about what Chen Mei Mei said at all as he looked up to say, “Your little sister was removed from that list five minutes ago and a new patient took your little sister’s place after two years of waiting.”

“What did you say?”  Chen Mei Mei’s feet went limp and she collapsed after hearing this.

Since it was a rare type of diabetes, the medicine had to be imported and it was very expensive.

Her family had planned on giving up on treatment a few years ago, but they found that a philanthropist was buying foreign medicine for free for people with no money.  It was considered a kind of study for them.

Thousands of people signed up, but there were only ten spots for free medicine.

Luckily her little sister was on that list of ten.

The foreign medicine was very good and her little sister’s condition had been stable over the past two years, so their family no longer worried about it.

After all, it wasn’t their money being spent and someone was taking care of her little sister, so who wouldn’t be happy.

But now that spot was suddenly taken by someone else……

Wasn’t this letting her little sister……die?

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