Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2638: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 84)

Three days ago, Dragon Gate Pass.

When Du Jiu Sheng arrived, half the soldiers were already unconscious.

Xu Yue looked at Du Jiu Sheng beside him, “Brother Jiu, just what is going on?  Are they poisoned?”

Du Jiu Sheng squatted down and simply checked one of the poisoned soldiers.  He gave a nod and wrote, “Un.”

“Then……Then what do we do……”

“There’s no specially prepared poison at the border.”  Du Jiu Sheng thought about it before writing, “The source of the poison should be nearby.”

The next day, they carefully looked for the source of the poison that Du Jiu Sheng mentioned.

Because in this place, as long as they found the poison, the antidote would be nearby.

While looking for the antidote, they found a place.

Ten Thousand Miles Gorge.

A narrow road that could only fit three horses at the same time, but was so deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen.

“Brother Jiu, we’ve never found this place before.”  Xu Yue was very surprised because finding a new place on the battlefield was great news.

Du Jiu Sheng looked at the plants growing by the path and narrowed his eyes.  He patted Xu Yue’s arm to have him look down.

“You mean that the Liao People army doesn’t know about this place?”  Xu Yue was shocked as he said, “Brother Jiu, do you think that we can use this narrow path……”

Du Jiu Sheng looked at him with sparkling eyes when he heard this.

He knew that this place was the greatest hope for them to hold Dragon Gate Pass.

That afternoon, Du Jiu Sheng found the poison and the antidote.  Although the soldiers improved after taking it, they still couldn’t go to battle right away.

After all, it took some time for their bodies to recover.

Xiao Shen was very surprised when he learned of this.  In his eyes, the Mo Army was just a bunch of fools that only knew how to use brute force and didn’t have a smart commander.  They were just like a bunch of fish on the chopping block.

But this sudden detoxification gave him absolute reason to suspect that a very powerful person had appeared in the Mo Army.

As for who that was, he didn’t know.

But he knew that he had to move faster or he might lose the Dragon Gate Pass that he had to win.

Xiao Shen never would have guessed that his thoughts had already been seen through by Du Jiu Sheng.

The more impatient a person is, the more easily they will reveal their weakness and the less likely they can think calmly.

For example, falling into an enemy trap.

The Ten Thousand Miles Gorge was a good place.  Du Jiu Sheng used his provisions to lure Xiao Shen into a trap at Ten Thousand Miles Gorge.

But this method had a drawback since each army had enemy spies.  They couldn’t use their full force and could only send a small amount of people to transport their supplies.

After all, if an army went out to send supplies, it was impossible to fool the enemy.

Xu Yue told the army that he would bring a small group out to transport their supplies since he had found a more hidden place to store it.

This matter naturally reached Xiao Shen’s ears.  He had a strong desire to defeat the enemy strategist, so he chose to move his soldiers.

Of course, Xu Yue knew that if the battle of Ten Thousand Miles Gorge succeeded, he and Du Jiu Sheng would most likely die.

There was no free meal in this world.  To destroy others, you had to destroy yourself first.

This would always be true……

Before setting out, Xu Yue lit a lamp and sat facing Du Jiu Sheng.

He poured a cup for himself and looked at him to say, “Brother Jiu, this bowl is my respect for you.  Being able to meet you is the blessing of three lives.”

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