Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2639: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 85)

Du Jiu Sheng’s lips revealed a faint smile as he dipped his chopsticks in the wine to write, “Me too.”

He then drank the wine and the spicy feeling spread from his mouth, but his eyes didn’t change at all.

This was his first time drinking such a strong wine and he could feel the stinging that was coming from his mouth, but he didn’t react at all.

“Brother Jiu, are you thinking of her?”  Xu Yue seemed like he was asking himself the same question when he asked this.  His eyes looked into the distance and faded bit by bit.

After a while, Du Jiu Sheng wrote, “Yes.”

Those things from long ago that kept flickering in his mind.  It was as if even if he woke up in the underworld, he wouldn’t forget them.

“Ha, ha, ha!”  Xu Yue broke out in laughter, “Brother Jiu, do you know?  I’m not afraid at all, I’m even a bit excited because I’ll be able to see her soon.”

Then I’d rather that I never see her again.

Because not seeing her meant that she was well, it meant that she was living a peaceful life.

He did many things and it was all for her to live a long and good life.

It was pouring at the Ten Thousand Miles Gorge that day.  It was unknown if it was the heavens crying for him, but the dim sky made it easier for them to hide the explosives in their supplies.

They didn’t bring that many people, only around a few dozen.  It was better for them to hide from people and they knew that it was very unlikely that they would come back from this trip.

At the same time, Xu Yue left his best deputy general at the camp to send troops to raid the Liao People’s camps.

He had the same idea as Xiao Shen, an army without a tactician was only a fish on the cutting board.

Du Jiu Sheng’s goal was clear, he wanted Xiao Shen to die.  But now that the Chen Country had almost no troops and the Liao People army had three times the troops of the Mo Army.

In this situation, no matter how easy it was to defend Dragon Gate Pass, it was hard to stop the Liao People’s attacks.

Even if he and Xu Yue tried their best to guard Dragon Gate Pass, it would wither away eventually.

There was nothing that they could do, but Xiao Shen didn’t know this.  He thought that Du Jiu Sheng was the key to this battle.

After all, with so many strong attacks, the existence of Du Jiu Sheng meant that the Mo Country could keep winning with less troops.

But even without Du Jiu Sheng, the Mo Army couldn’t hold on much longer under the attacks of the Liao People army.

The battle of Ten Thousand Miles Gorge was remembered by countless descendants.

In the storm, Xiao Shen thought that he would be blocking the supplies of the Mo Country.  He thought that he would stop the genius tactician and he would be close to taking Dragon Gate Pass.

But he never would have thought that what awaited him wasn’t victory, but the coming of his death.

That day, Du Jiu Sheng and Xu Yue were back to back with smiles on their faces.

It was the victorious attitude of waiting for the loser.  Xu Yue slowly lit the fuse and shouted, “Yao Yao, I’m coming to you!  The road to the Yellow Springs is lonely, I’m coming!”

Du Jiu Sheng heard Xu Yue’s cry and closed his eyes as he revealed a faint smile.

He suddenly remembered how cute and innocent she was when they first met.  Those pure eyes were so moving.

He didn’t know if this decision was right or wrong, but he knew that if Xiao Shen didn’t die, the Mo Country would perish.

When the fire lit up, he said in his heart——

‘Luo Qing Chen, I love you.’

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