Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2628: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 74)

He couldn’t let her know, he had said that he would give her the greatest happiness in life.

But he suddenly couldn’t do it.  It was like he was punished by god and he couldn’t do anything……

“Brother Jiu, just what is going on?”  After a while, Xu Yue’s deep voice rang out.  He gritted his teeth as his eyes turned red.

He had worked so hard, going from the Cold North Palace to the Supreme Hall, going from a prince in the cold palace to taking the throne.

All he did was to give the one he loved a happy life, to protect her, to prevent anyone from harming her.

But god had played such a cruel joke on him, how cruel this was……

Over the next half an hour, Ya Nu told him everything that had happened at the ceremony.

It sounded quite weird, but it had actually happened.

“And then?  What are you planning on doing now?”  Xu Yue looked at Ya Nu and asked, “Are you really planning on exchanging identities for life?  Are you really……not planning on telling sister in law?”

Du Jiu Sheng shook his head before Ya Nu immediately said, “Young master said that he couldn’t tell…..the empress.”

This was his last dignity.  He hoped that in her mind, he would still be the handsome, courageous, and resourceful Du Jiu Sheng.

Not this person who had ruined his face and had lost everything.

There was a silence that filled the air.  Du Jiu Sheng picked up a pen from the side and wrote on the paper.

When did the strange disease begin?

Xu Yue was surprised before he said, “It started ten days ago.  I don’t know why they became this strange, but they would have red spots on the back of their hands.  They’re fine in the morning, but they become agitated at night.”

Du Jiu Sheng knitted his brows before he continued writing.

How are they agitated?

“They……They kill each other with their blades.  If there’s no one for them to kill, they would kill themselves.”

“God, such a strange thing.”  Ya Nu said in a surprised voice, “Could it be that Xiao Shen is using witchcraft?”

“I don’t know.”  Xu Yue shook his head, “There are rumours in the army right now and if we keep going like this, we’ll destroy ourselves before the Liao People even attack.”

Du Jiu Sheng shook his head again and wrote, “Is there any difference between ‘sick’ people and ‘not sick’ people?”

Xu Yue thought about it before saying, “I’ve also thought about this, but there’s just no difference.  If you have to say there’s a difference, it should be that the people who are closer to the water source are ‘sick’.”

You should have your answer.

“Brother Jiu, could it be that they are really……”


Du Jiu Sheng wrote the final word before continuing to write.

This matter isn’t that simple.  I understand that the Liao People have moved quite a bit lately, the hundred thousand army of the Chen Country was ambushed and now they are on the verge of collapse.  They still want Dragon Gate Pass and we all know that once Dragon Gate Pass falls, the Chen and Mo Countries are over.

“Yes!  I know!”  Xu Yue took a deep breath before looking at him with a determined look, “I will definitely guard Dragon Gate Pass and defend brother Jiu’s Mo Dynasty.”

Du Jiu Sheng heard this and his hand stopped.

After a while, he wrote something.  In three days, I will set off with you.  Xia Sheng’s strategy is comparable to mine, so in the current situation, I can’t give you plans in a hurry if you’re eight hundred miles away.

“What?  Brother Jiu, you want……to go to the battlefield with me?”

You want to protect my Mo Dynasty, but really……I just want to protect her.

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