Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2627: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 73)

After hearing the news that Xu Yue was back, she immediately rushed to the royal study to learn the situation of the battlefield.

But she was stopped by Du Jiu Sheng’s newly appointed eunuch, Li Mao.

His attitude was very good and he greeted her with a big bow, “Empress, these are important military matters and the emperor doesn’t allow anyone to disturb them.”

“Even me?”  Luo Qing Chen looked up with a bit of disappointment in her eyes.

In the past, even when they discussed important matters, Du Jiu Sheng never kept her out.

But this time……

There were rumours in the palace that said that she wasn’t favoured anymore, she was a bad omen, that the emperor loved someone else……

But Luo Qing Chen knew that Du Jiu Sheng would come to the King’s Landing Palace every night.

He would sit not far away and drink some wine before accompanying her.

Luo Qing Chen knew that Du Jiu Sheng didn’t want her to know he was here, so she pretended to be asleep and never woke up.

She didn’t know why it was like this, but she knew that there must be something in his heart……

Moreover, it was something that he couldn’t say.  This feeling had started since the day of the conferring ceremony.

It can’t be said that Du Jiu Sheng didn’t care about her, but……she felt strangely lonely……

“Empress……”  Li Mao kneeled and said, “Please don’t make it hard on this servant!”

“I got it.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug before laughing at herself, “I won’t charge in.”

As soon as her voice fell, Luo Qing Chen slowly turned around.

There were snowflakes that fell from the sky, the first snow this winter.

It really was right on time……

“This servant will send the empress off.”  Li Mao could feel the cold sweat on his back.

Although the emperor had given the order that no one could enter, everyone would suffer if he couldn’t stop the empress.  If the empress was injured, everyone would lose their heads.

So this was a dead end and there was no other way other than Luo Qing Chen leaving.

She was a wise person and naturally understood this.

But the snow was a bit cold when she left and her footsteps were a bit heavy.


In the royal study.

After Luo Qing Chen left, Li Mao came in to report.

Du Jiu Sheng slightly knitted his brows as he looked at Ya Nu.  Ya Nu waved his hand and Du Jiu Sheng said, “Got it, you can leave.”


When everything was covered in a dark veil, the impossible could become possible.  When a person that loved her could stand in front of her and could no longer love her……

Life no longer had meaning……

Just like the current Du Jiu Sheng who had unknowingly swapped identities with Ya Nu.

Exchange of souls……

(Du Jiu Sheng and Ya Nu’s names will now be changed.)

Ya Nu helped Du Jiu Sheng sit on the throne.  Although his face had pretty much recovered, the flesh of his face was twisted and it was no different from being ruined.

Xu Yue looked at them with a confused look as he said with knitted brows, “Just what is going on?  What is this incident that brother Jiu mentioned in the letter?”

His eyes fell onto Ya Nu and Ya Nu shook his head at him, “I’m not  young master Jiu, he is.”

The thunder that fell that day had changed their identities.

Or rather, it exchanged their souls.

“What?”  Xu Yue’s eyes opened wide as he looked at them with a look of disbelief, “You…..does sister in law know about this?”

Du Jiu Sheng was surprised before shaking his head.  Ya Nu standing beside him replied, “The mistress doesn’t know.  Young master Jiu……doesn’t want me to tell her.”

A person missing his leg, missing his voice, had a disfigured face, and was neutered, how could he let her know……

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