After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending

Chapter 18 - It’s Sweet

"So what if we find it?" Mu Zhe, who was originally leaning on his seat, suddenly spoke up. He sneered and had a hint of arrogance in his eyes.

"I have never taken that prophecy seriously."

"My Lord."

The door to the council chamber was pushed open, and a slender young man respectfully bowed with his fists clasped. "Madam has arrived and wishes to see you."

The hall instantly fell silent to the point that one could hear a pin drop.

All eyes turned to Mu Zhe with different expressions, waiting to see his reaction.

But he acted as if he hadn't heard anything, staring at the celadon teacup in front of him.

Seeing this, Chi Feng frowned and waved his hand in a displeased manner. "Can’t you see that we are discussing important matters? Let her wait."

"Hold on."

Mu Zhe interlaced his fingers to support his head and glanced up slightly, speaking thoughtfully. "Who is it?"

Zhu Sha replied, "My Lord, it's Lady Wen. She said she made some food and specially brought it."

"My Lord never eats." Chi Feng snorted twice through his nose. "She's just a woman who should stay in the harem. Why is she running around outside?"

Zi Ji, sitting diagonally across, sneered and mocked, "I am also a woman, so does that mean I'm not worthy of sitting at the same table as General Chi?"

Chi Feng choked and anxiously scratched his ear and cheek. "Ah Zi, that's not what I meant!"

"Let her in."

Mu Zhe interrupted the two and glanced at him lightly. "Chi Feng, pack your things and leave for the Demon Abyss tomorrow."

The Demon Abyss was a natural abyss in the Demon Realm, filled with miasma, and was a place specifically for breeding demonic beasts.

"...Understood." Chi Feng closed his mouth sullenly.

Outside the door.

Wen Ruan tightened the snow-white fox fur around her body and stomped her feet forcefully. She breathed into her palms and quietly glanced at Lu Zhu who was beside her.

Lu Zhu held an umbrella for her with one hand and carried a food container with the other. Her thin outerwear was almost transparent, and her green skirt flowed lightly.

With the wind blowing, her slender legs were faintly visible, but she remained calm, not even a slight shiver.

Indeed, the physique of the demon race is different, resistant to the cold.

Wen Ruan felt a bit envious. When would the snow in the Demon Realm stop? She also wanted to wear beautiful dresses.

"Madam, my Lord asks you to come in." The man who had just entered to deliver the message walked out and made a respectful gesture.

She smiled slightly. "Thank you."

Lu Zhu put away the umbrella and placed it by the door. Holding the food container, she followed behind Wen Ruan, her heart almost jumping out at the thought of the person they would meet later.

Wen Ruan seemed to sense something and turned to look at her, soothingly patting her shoulder. "Don't be afraid."

She pursed her lips and quickened her pace. "I am not afraid."

In the council chamber, numerous fist-sized night pearls were suspended, casting a soft halo. The people around the long table silently paid their respects to the visitor.

Wen Ruan, who was all bundled up, stopped in her tracks, staring at them with wide eyes.

Oh no! Did I accidentally stumble into a high-level meeting of the Demon Realm?

Is it still possible to turn back now?

She hadn't expected so many people to be here before coming, and each of them was staring at her fiercely. She suddenly became flustered.

"Come here." The Demon Lord at the end of the long table beckoned to her with a casual tone.

"Come to me."

With her favorability points at -25, Wen Ruan reluctantly approached. She bowed and curtsied softly, calling out:


"Mm." Mu Zhe absentmindedly responded, pinching her fluffy fox fur. "Is it that cold?"

The people below exchanged glances, surprise evident in their eyes.

It had been 300 years, and this was the first time they had seen the Lord show concern for someone.

And he was caring about a woman too.

"...Actually, it's fine." Wen Ruan could feel the gazes of everyone still on her. She suddenly felt uneasy, wanting to quickly finish the task and leave.

"I made red bean soup and thought of letting my husband taste it." She beckoned Lu Zhu and added intentionally, "It's sweet."

Lu Zhu opened the food container and gently placed the jade bowl in front of Mu Zhe, her fingertips trembling slightly.

She stepped back and couldn't help but sneak a glance.

Under the flickering light, the young man's side profile was handsome, with slightly lowered long eyelashes, narrow eyes slightly upturned, and a hint of a faint smile.

Even clearer than that day in the main hall.

The bowl was made of top-quality white jade, with a lustrous appearance that could arouse one's appetite no matter what it contained.

Not to mention the soft and glutinous red bean soup she had made.

After walking all the way here, much of the warmth had dissipated, but a lingering sweetness could still be smelled.

Is she that impatient?

People from the righteous path are truly naive, actually thinking of trying to kill me by poison.

Mu Zhe picked up the jade spoon and stirred it in circles, a faint sneer appearing on his lips.

"Go ahead and eat, or it will cool down later." Wen Ruan couldn't help urging.

He paused in his actions, suddenly raised his eyes, and stared at her without blinking, his eyes as black as ink.

Mu Zhe's current favorability: -30


"I came to bring him food in this freezing weather, and his favorability points still dropped. What does that mean?!" Wen Ruan pounded the ground crazily in her mind.

"Is he insane?!"

996 drooped its ears and frowned, saying worriedly: "Maybe he doesn't like sweet things?"


Coincidentally, Mu Zhe slowly scooped up a spoonful of red bean soup and brought it to her lips, a smile not reaching his eyes. "Why don’t you give it a taste first?"

In defiance, she opened her mouth and swallowed that spoonful of red bean soup from his hand.

Who cares if you want to eat it or not?

Mu Zhe froze for a moment, his gaze sharp as a knife, staring at her without blinking.

This scene was witnessed by the demon generals, and the impact it brought them was comparable to the end of the cultivation world tomorrow.


Their unpredictable and merciless Demon Lord, actually feeding a mortal with his own hand and staring at her without blinking...

Zi Ji rubbed her eyes, making sure she wasn't hallucinating, then fiercely pinched her thigh to keep herself from laughing out loud.

It seems that a little master will soon be added to the palace.

And in a place unnoticed by anyone, Lu Zhu clenched her hands hidden in her sleeves, the back of her hands faintly showing raised veins.

No poison?

Mu Zhe frowned and looked at Wen Ruan, whose expression remained unchanged. He scooped up another spoonful and put it in his mouth.

It had an unfamiliar taste of sweetness.

The soft red beans melted in his mouth, delicate and sweet, like the sunset on the horizon or clouds touched by the glow of twilight.

With one bite, a warm sensation spread through his body, familiar and comforting.

He silently scooped up a second spoonful.

Mu Zhe's current favorability: -20

"It's increasing, it's increasing!" 996 jumped excitedly in the mental space. "Ah Ruan, he likes the red bean soup you made!"

Wen Ruan also breathed a sigh of relief, belatedly realizing something— the spoon he was using...

She had used it before.

No big deal. She calmly held her wrist.

When she was young, she often played house with her neighbor Wang Er Gou, and they would eat together using the same spoon, just like this.

It was much more intimate than now.

The jade bowl was quickly emptied.

Mu Zhe dropped the spoon, pondered for a moment in his mind, and came to a conclusion.

The little undercover spy isn’t stupid. Even if she wanted to poison him, she wouldn't act on the first day.

A hint of coldness appeared in his eyes. Looks like those on the righteous path had sent someone with a brain this time.

Mu Zhe's current favorability: -25

Wen Ruan thought, “...Goodness, we went around in circles just to end up back where we started?”

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