After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending

Chapter 17 - Conquer His Stomach

The woman wearing a green silk dress, young in age and beautiful in appearance, with affectionate eyes, was indeed charming.

What could this beautiful lady be here for?

Wen Ruan stood up and warmly waved at her, "What's the matter? It's cold outside, come in and have a seat."

She didn't move. As if startled, she spoke with her head hanging low and her voice trembling:

"I am Lu Zhu, specially sent by Lady Zi Ji to serve you."

Wen Ruan understood what was going on now.

In the Demon Palace, it was always only Mu Zhe who resided there. He didn't like people following him, so there were no palace maids in the palace at all.

But now that they, a few "ordinary people'' had moved in, and she was Mu Zhe's concubine, it was only proper to have someone by her side to attend to her.

Yesterday, Zi Ji had mentioned selecting a few from the previous batch of unsuccessful candidates to enter the palace.

It seemed that Lu Zhu had originally come for Mu Zhe.

But now, she was serving her rival in love. She must be feeling uncomfortable.

Wen Ruan scratched her head. She didn't want to trouble Lu Zhu, nor did she want to keep a time bomb by her side.

"You can go back. I don't need anyone to serve me."

Lu Zhu's expression changed, and she finally raised her head again, tears glistening in her eyes. "Madam, do you look down on me?"

Wen Ruan hastily waved her hands. "It's not that... I'm just not used to it..."

"Lady Zi Ji asked me to stay by your side." Lu Zhu interrupted her. She knelt down with a loud thud, banging her head heavily on the ground as she cried:

"If you don't want me, Lady Zi Ji will send me out of the palace. My family is counting on me to stay in the palace. If it doesn't work out, they will marry me off to a low-ranking blood demon! But that blood demon already has 15 other lovers!"

Lu Zhu's expression of "if you don't keep me, I will die" frightened Wen Ruan. She quickly jumped aside, avoiding her kneeling.

"Get up first before we talk."

Lu Zhu crawled a few steps, embracing Wen Ruan's leg, a look of despair on her face. "Madam, I will be of great use to you. I beg you to give me a chance to survive."

"Let her stay, you need someone to help you here." 996 reached out a small paw. "Mingyue Palace has three people, but you are alone. You’re at a disadvantage."

Wen Ruan pulled Lu Zhu up, shrugged helplessly, and said, "Actually, I really dislike moral coercion, but if what you're saying is true, I can't just push you into a pit of fire."

Lu Zhu's body slightly stiffened, but she didn't say anything.

"Stay then." Wen Ruan held her hand. "But don't kneel all the time in the future. I'm not used to it."

"Thank you, Madam!"

Lu Zhu immediately turned her sadness into joy, rolling up her sleeves. "I heard that mortals have three meals a day, and I assume Madam hasn't had breakfast yet. I'll go prepare for it."

"Wait." Wen Ruan remembered what 996 had said and glanced at her luxurious bedroom. "Take me to the kitchen, I'll do it myself."

Unlike Zi Ji's glamorous appearance, she was very meticulous in her work.

The kitchen wasn't large, but it had all the necessary items.

She was worried that Wen Ruan and the others might have difficulty adjusting, so she specifically gathered a batch of ingredients from the mortal towns of the cultivation world, neatly organized and categorized.

Even the selection of maids were prioritized by those who knew how to cook.

Wen Ruan casually opened a drawer. Inside, it was filled with small red beans, each one plump and full.

They looked just like red beans in the real world.

She turned her head and asked Lu Zhu, who couldn't recognize them either, but as long as they were edible, it was fine.

Wen Ruan tentatively referred to them as "red beans".

She rolled up her sleeves, scooped a few handfuls into a basin, soaked them in water, and spoke cheerfully:

"We'll have red bean soup tonight."

In the next moment, the red beans in the basin began to swell and continuously split.

Wen Ruan watched as a few handfuls of red beans turned into a basin full. She said, "...It seems we don't have to wait until tonight."

Indeed, the species from the cultivation world couldn't be directly applied to the real world.

On the other side of the Demon Palace, the trio from the Mingyue Palace closed the doors and windows and held a morning meeting with the theme of conquering the Demon Lord.

"Sister, I heard that Wen Ruan moved to the Canglan Water Pavilion." Yu Ya slammed her hands on the table. "I also heard that she was with the Demon Lord last night, but she didn't make a move."

Yun Zhu, her closest companion, massaged her waist. "Speaking of which, which sect is she from? Master didn't mention the existence of such a person."

Ping Xian sat upright, sipping her tea. "She should be on our side. She's favored and doesn't pose a threat to us."

"Don't be complacent. She mingled with a half-demon and was vague with us..."

Ping Xian furrowed her beautiful brows, set down her teacup, pondered for a moment, and spoke slowly, "We'll pay a visit to Canglan Water Pavilion later."

A maid's soft call came from outside the door, "Madam, it's time for the meal."

Yu Ya impatiently replied, "I know, you can go."

She stood up with frustration. "I, a righteous cultivator, have to eat a meal made by a demon. It's really..."

"Enough." Ping Xian straightened her attire and walked out first. "If you don't want to eat, you don't have to. No one is stopping you."

Yu Ya's face looked unpleasant. Yun Zhu comforted her by holding her hand. "Sister didn't mean any harm. Don't take it to heart."

"Hmph, she's just relying on the favor of our Master, isn't she?" Yu Ya gritted her teeth. "Just wait and see, I'll definitely outshine her in this Demon Lord extermination!"

Yun Zhu awkwardly smiled and massaged her waist again.

There was something she had been holding back and dared not say.

The beds in the Demon Palace are really f*cking not suitable for humans to sleep on.

"It's ready."

Wen Ruan stood in front of the stove, waved her hand to fan the rising white steam, and smiled with satisfaction.

"It must be delicious."

Lu Zhu held a bowl in her hands, standing by and watching as Wen Ruan uncovered the lid. Mist filled the air, and the red bean soup in the pot exuded a sweet aroma, stewed to a soft and glutinous texture.

"Come, have a taste." Wen Ruan scooped a bowlful. "I don't like soupy dishes, so this time I intentionally put in less water. Give it a try."

Lu Zhu looked at the red bean soup in the bowl, swallowed her saliva with difficulty, and said, "Madam, I am a member of the demon race and do not need to eat."

"I know, just consider it as trying something new." Wen Ruan also served herself a bowl. "Eat up. After we finish, we'll send some to the Lord as well."

Lu Zhu's eyes shimmered slightly, and she lowered her head to eat heartily.

"The Ligou Secret Realm will open in a little over a month."

Inside the council chamber, Zi Ji and the other demon generals sat scattered around a long table. She toyed with her long hair and licked her red lips.

"It's said that there are clues to the Life Ending Sword inside."

As soon as she finished speaking, the expressions of the others changed.

Chi Feng couldn't contain his impatience and immediately looked at the young man sitting at the top, speaking in a rough voice:

"My Lord, I will take my brothers there and seize that secret realm for you!"

The other demon generals showed disdain on their faces, saying, "Is all you have in your mind just plundering? Do you think that secret realm, which is being guarded like a precious gem by the cultivators, is that easy to seize?"

Chi Feng widened his eyes which were as large as copper bells. His face trembled with excitement as he spoke, causing him to accidentally spray spittle all over the person in front of him.

"Well then, what do you suggest? What if those bunch of thieves really find the Life Ending Sword? Our Lord..."

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