Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1746 - The Power of One String

"Seventh young master, the five elders are known as the monsters that never die under the tree. The eldest is Feng Hualian, the second is Huang Tang, the third is Cang Yancui, the fourth is Yan Xiuge, and the youngest is Li Shu, this is the one in front of you."

Hall Master Joy's voice rang out. "These five monsters have always been under World Tree, guarding it with their lives. They are afraid that the universe will be destroyed in the future, so they rarely leave World Tree. In the past few epochs, no matter when you go to the edge of World Tree, you will be able to see this marvelous scene. "

Elder Li Shu of the five elders smiled. "Hall Master is joking. Our abilities are weak, so we definitely can't snatch it from others, so we can only go and occupy it first. When the calamity of the universe comes, it will be convenient for us to sneak into the next epoch. "

Qin Mu was puzzled and asked, "Then why did the five of you leave World Tree in this epoch and settle down in Heaven?"

He looked around and said leisurely, "This Heaven imitates Ancestral Court's Jade Capital, which symbolizes supreme power. I heard Hall Master Joy say that the five of you should be experts that don't care about fame and fortune, so why did you have the desire for power in this epoch? "

Li Shu hurriedly said, "Seventh young master, you misunderstand!We five elders of Feng Shu are as timid as mice, how would we dare to have the desire for power? We are not cowards, we are not cowards! We only saw that this place was empty, so we stayed here temporarily. We don't dare to have the thought of occupying it. When the owner of this place comes, we will give it up. "

Even though he had the attitude of a good old man, everyone present were people who had been through wind and fire. How could they not know what the five elders of Feng Shu were thinking?

Haotian Emperor smiled. "The five elders saw that Mi Luo Palace didn't descend to this universe, and the owner of Mi Luo Palace didn't come out, so they felt that they had the upper hand. In addition, there aren't many strong practitioners in this universe, so the five elders had the desire for power. They thought that they could control the universe and fulfill their life's ambitions. Everyone has this kind of mentality, so why don't you admit it? "

Li Shu laughed loudly and shook his head. "The five of us only know how to dig a hole and hide under World Tree. We don't dare to have such rebellious thoughts. We just want a place to stay. If anyone can give us some food to eat, we would be deeply grateful. "

The Haotian Emperor's eyes flashed. "I can give you a place to live!"

Li Shu glanced at him and said with a chuckle, "Little Brother is joking. You cannot make the decision."

The Haotian Emperor's expression darkened as he snorted.

Li Shu led them to the Numinous Sky Hall. At this time, the Numinous Sky Hall had been razed to the ground. There was only an enormous sacrificial altar. There were four elders sitting on the sacrificial altar. Around them were the prehistoric strong practitioners that had snuck in from the World Tree.

Li Shu said with a smile, "Gentlemen, we, the five elders of Feng Shu, do not even have a proper palace. It can be seen that we are only temporarily living here and do not have any thoughts of fame or fortune."

Qin Mu looked at the heavy divine weapons all around them that were aimed at them all the time. Wherever they went, these heavy weapons would follow. He praised them insincerely, "Everyone is of noble character and unquestionable integrity. You are all so poor that you have been washed clean. I admire all of you very much."

His gaze landed on the sacrificial altar again. This sacrificial altar was extremely strange. Its texture and structure were peculiar. It was different from the inheritance of Miluo Palace and had some mysteriousness.

The divine materials and divine gold used for this sacrificial altar were all of the highest quality from the Ancestral Court. Qin Mu could not see the use of this sacrificial altar in a short time.

Qin Mu praised, "The five of you are truly upright. The gold is like dirt, sitting directly under you."

The leader, Feng Hualian, coughed and said, "Seventh Young Master, you must be joking. Young Master, Hall Master of Joy, envoy, please come up to the altar for a chat. "

There was clearly something fishy about this sacrificial altar. The Haotian Emperor was not afraid at all. He raised his head and puffed out his chest, walking up the sacrificial altar first. He came to the center of the sacrificial altar and greeted the five elders. He said, "I am here on the orders of the Third Young Master and Fourth Young Master to visit the five of you."

Feng Hualian nodded and said, "So it is His Majesty the Celestial Emperor of this universe era. Please take a seat."

The Dao Tree of the Hall Master of Delightful Hall floated over and entered the sacrificial altar to greet the five elders. The five elders stood up to return the greeting and said, "Hall Master is extremely famous. Even though we, the unaffiliated mountain people, have some fame in the pugilistic world, but compared to Hall Master who is of orthodox birth, we are just children playing house. Hall Master is disabled but strong in will. For you to be able to obtain such a great reputation, us five old bones are full of admiration. "

Hall Master of Joy's expression changed slightly. He knew that these five old things were mocking him for having his legs broken after descending to the seventeenth era.

Qin Mu walked up the sacrificial altar. The five elders hurriedly greeted him. Feng Hualian said, "Seventh Young Master has come from afar. We five old bones are afraid that Young Master will confiscate our property, so we did not dare to stand up to welcome you. Please forgive us."

"Well said, well said."

Qin Mu was full of smiles. He raised his hand and said, "The five of you are all respected seniors. There is no need to stand. Please take a seat."

The five elders of Feng Shu hurriedly thanked him and sat down.

Qin Mu also sat down and exchanged pleasantries. "Although I respected and loved the five elders in the past universe, it was a matter of the past to the five elders. However, to me, it was a matter of the future that had yet to happen. Our encounters are actually so extraordinary and bizarre. It makes me sigh with emotion. "After saying that, he laughed.

The five elders of Feng Shu looked at each other, but they couldn't laugh.

Haotian Emperor coughed and said loudly, "The five elders are all experts. Miluo Palace is about to descend. The third Young Master and Fourth Young Master have ordered me to come and join hands with the five of you to carry out the grand plan of Mi Luo Palace's descent. What do the five of you think? "

He went straight to the point and said the purpose of this trip. It gave people a feeling that he had come with the momentum of Miluo Palace. He wanted to use the momentum to pressure people and force the stowaways to submit to Mi Luo Palace.

Cang Yancui was an old woman. When she heard that, she chuckled and said, "Miluo Palace is so arrogant. A mere lackey of theirs dares to shout at us. Do they really think we five elders of Feng Shu are trash?"

"Third sister, don't lose your manners."

Huang Tang said with a smile, "This little friend has just been recognized by his master, so he naturally wags his tail and barks a few times to take credit and ask for a reward. Third sister, there's no need to blame him. "

Haotian Emperor's expression turned cold. Just as he was about to flare up, Hall Master of Joy said with a smile, "Emperor Haotian is a Dao friend that my Miluo Palace is supporting in this era. In the future, he will enter Miluo Palace. Third Young Master and Fourth Young Master call him Dao friend. If the five elders of Feng Shu humiliate him like this, wouldn't it be humiliating my Miluo Palace and humiliating the teachers of my Miluo Palace? "

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