After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending

Chapter 15 - Grabbed by Fate by the Back of the Neck

Her fourth step hung in mid-air, leaving Wen Ruan in a state of suspension.

Wen Ruan quietly pinched herself, quickly adjusting her expression before turning around and lowering her voice. "My Lord."

"Come here."

She walked forward with a face resembling that of a shy little wife and stood beside the chair. It was then she noticed that this place was probably an observation deck.

Below the platform was a rolling sea of clouds, and a gigantic fish swam leisurely within it. The fish had a round and blunt head, and its body was crimson, occasionally emitting a clear sound.

It was difficult to discern its species, but it resembled a whale in the real world to some extent.

Beside Mu Zhe's chair, there was also a small table with a white porcelain pot the size of a head, filled with granular food.

Wen Ruan figured that this was probably fish food.

Indeed, the Demon Lord was unique even in the choice of pets. However, this fish was like a small mountain; it would take several pots to satisfy its appetite.

"Why are you here?" The young man in the circular chair still hadn't opened his eyes. His tone was soft and filled with exhaustion.

Wen Ruan mustered all her spirits, constantly remembering her character, and coughed lightly, covering her mouth. She glanced up with a charming gaze and said:

"I couldn't sleep, so I came out for a walk."

Quickly ask me why I couldn't sleep! Hurry up! Then I can tell you about the hardships of living in your rundown palace!

"Oh, then continue standing," the young man replied, turning over and breathing evenly.

Wen Ruan: ...?

Great Demon Lord, you’re not making things easier for me.

Still fearing him, Wen Ruan obediently stood to the side, singing her monologue song over and over again, a total of 81 times.

The chilling aura of the Demon Realm grew deeper, like arrows piercing through the air, enveloping her from all directions and penetrating into the crevices of her bones.

She didn't know how long had passed, but frost had formed on her slender lashes, as if even her blood had frozen.

Damn it, freezing to death here or being strangled to death by you, it doesn't make much difference.

She made up her mind and lifted her leg slowly, intending to slip away.

"Where are you going?"

The young man, as if having eyes on his back, asked lightly.

Wen Ruan hesitated, straightened her posture, and stood back on her spot. "N-No, I'm not going anywhere."

Mu Zhe remained silent, seemingly falling asleep again.

She felt a bit anxious. What exactly do you want? Just say it. Why did you call me here in the middle of the night to make me stand here as a punishment?

Wen Ruan rubbed her arms and deliberately coughed twice.

While coughing, she discreetly stole glances at the other person.

Seeing no response from him, she coughed even louder, almost coughing out her heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, and lungs one by one.

Mu Zhe remained unmoving, sleeping soundly without any signs of alertness.

Wen Ruan's throat was dry and felt like it was on fire, so she had to slow down her coughing.

Should I just take this opportunity to stab him with a sword and be done with it?

After all, if he dies, the book’s female lead could still have a happy ending with the male lead.

But 996 immediately stopped her dangerous thought. "No, host, you haven't captured his heart yet. If he dies, your mission will fail."

Suddenly, the young man opened his eyes and turned his face towards her. His gaze was clear, devoid of any drowsiness.

"Why did you stop coughing?"

So, you were awake all along?

Wen Ruan pressed the back of her hand against her body and forcefully pinched her palm, forcing out a gentle and harmless smile. 

"My Lord..."

"Continue coughing, cough louder."

He looked at her with a smirk, rhythmically tapping his slender fingers on the armrest.

"It's oddly soothing to listen to."

This person was deliberately toying with her.

Fire surged in Wen Ruan's heart. She wished she could jump up and give him a punch.

But she didn't dare. She could only grit her teeth and constantly remind herself:

What can you achieve by getting angry, feeling wronged, and suffering now?

It was you who begged to stay with tears and snot back then.

Don't blame others.

But she was still infuriated!

996 quickly came out to boost her morale. "Don't get angry, host. Once he falls in love with you, you can do whatever you want to him!"

Very well, her fighting spirit was successfully ignited.

Wen Ruan vigorously shook 996 in her mind and said, "We'll see. One day, I'll make him kneel down and repent for everything today!"

"Hmm?" Mu Zhe's gaze swept over her clenched fist, and his tone became heavier. "Do you have any grievances against me?"

Wen Ruan snapped back to reality. She decided to endure this wave first and plan for the long term.

"My Lord, I'm cold."

She looked pitifully at him, sniffled, and spoke with a muffled voice, heavy with nasal sounds.

"I've turned into an ice lump. If you don't believe me, touch my hand."

As she spoke, she extended her numb hand.

The sound of his fingertips tapping the armrest paused, and Mu Zhe put away his smile. He looked at her for a long time, making her scalp tingle.

Just as she was about to give in, he impatiently waved his hand. "Go away."


Wen Ruan felt like she had been granted a pardon and immediately turned around to leave.

However, standing for too long had caused her legs to go numb, and she couldn't keep up with her body's movements. She swayed on the spot and lost her balance.

Her face turned pale, and her body uncontrollably tilted backward.

The expected pain didn't come.

With a loud "thud," she fell onto the chair, landing in a cold embrace.

A faint scent of plum blossoms mixed with the crispness of ice and snow enveloped her nostrils.

When she opened her eyes, she realized she had fallen into the arms of the Demon Lord, who was currently staring at her with a gloomy expression.

Wasn't this equivalent to throwing herself into his arms?

She closed her eyes peacefully and started pretending to be unconscious.

Why did this bug of falling on level ground happen to her, a small cannon fodder character?!

A layer of frost formed on Mu Zhe's face, but it quickly transformed into ridicule. When he looked at her, there was mockery in his eyebrows and corners of his eyes.

He might as well have written on his face, "Woman, I've seen through your tricks. Save it."

She thought, “...Boss, let me explain. Things aren't what you think!”

Wen Ruan was on the verge of tears, pitifully clutching his sleeve, still struggling despite being at death's door.

"My Lord, my legs just went numb."

Mu Zhe lowered his phoenix-like eyes, intermittently pinching the back of her neck with a dangerous hint. The corners of his eyes and eyebrows regained their familiar laziness and indifference.

With a dangerously upward inflection in his tone, he asked, "Is that so?"

Grabbed by fate by the back of the neck.jpg

With just three words, Wen Ruan's hair stood on end. Her intuition told her that the Demon Lord was considering how to snap her neck.

Her attention was fully focused on his hand. She didn't dare to move, feeling like a small mouse caught by a cat, her heart pounding in her chest.

As it is well known, mice are often played to death by cats.

But she was still young, and she didn't want to be played to death by Mu Zhe.

With a determined spirit, Wen Ruan gently held his hand. When she saw him merely raise an eyebrow without making any other moves, she felt a slight relief.

She cupped his large hand in her palm, let out a breath, and looked at him. With a slightly tender tone, her voice soft and sweet, she said:

"Dear, your hand is so cold. Let me warm it up for you."

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