After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending

Chapter 14 - You Are the Third Kind of Beauty

Mu Zhe's hand paused, his slender phoenix eyes cast downward as he seemed lost in thought.

Wen Ruan's heart raced, teetering on the edge of suspense, anxiously awaiting his next words.

In the silent tranquility, the young man slowly clenched his fingers, his gaze sinister as he stared at her. Finally, he spoke again.

"Give me a reason not to kill you."


Boss, let's have a civilized conversation here!

Wen Ruan's entire body tensed, her survival instinct erupting like a volcano. She grabbed the hand that Mu Zhe was using to choke her own neck.

At that moment, she suddenly remembered what 996 had said that day, along with the rumors about Mu Zhe.

What did 996 say back then?

"Just hold onto him tightly, say some cheesy lines, and try to cry with tears streaming down your face. His protective instincts will kick in, won't they?"

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. If all else fails, she could always use her advance points to rewind time and find a different approach.

However, the current situation didn't allow for hugging.

She relaxed her grip and frantically searched her mind for classic lines from love novels.

"My Lord, you may not know this, but I fell in love with you a long time ago.”

“But you are so wonderful, even more alluring than the moon in the sky. I can only silently watch you from the corner..."

Wen Ruan gazed at the young man, her eyes filled with melancholy. Crystal tears welled up, falling from her eyes like loose beads, dropping onto the back of his hand.

"The Demon Realm is so cold. Can I stay here with you to keep you company?"

After this emotional confession, she felt her toes curling up in embarrassment. She almost had a dream mansion in the Demon Palace.

Is this cheesy enough? Is it tearful enough?

She deliberately softened her voice, sounding weak and helpless. Did this swindler’s protective instincts kick in?

Ah, no, this was too embarrassing! She should have changed her approach from the beginning.

The person in front of her remained silent for a long time. Disheartened, she closed her eyes, silently preparing for a rewind.

Those tears felt scorching hot.

Mu Zhe gazed at the water marks on the back of his hand, suspecting that a small hole had been burned there.

Yes, the Demon Realm was indeed cold. It had been snowing for 300 years.

This was the first time he felt warmth.

Mu Zhe didn't miss the fleeting embarrassment in the girl's eyes when she spoke.

He suddenly found it amusing.

"Zi Ji, let her stay."

Wen Ruan opened her eyes in disbelief. Really? It actually worked?!

Or is it that big shots are really this shallow???

Mu Zhe released his grip and walked briskly out of the palace gate, then paused.

Perhaps things can be even more interesting.

He turned back and pointed lazily, his tone languid. "And those three over there, they can stay as well."

The Mingyue Palace trio who were suddenly cued in: Wait, this doesn't seem to be part of our role?

Wen Ruan, who had finally breathed a sigh of relief, wondered, “? Boss, you're changing the script without permission again!”

News of the Demon Lord taking four wives spread like wildfire, bringing both joy and sorrow to different factions.

The high-ranking officials in the Demon Realm were worried: The boss has such eccentric taste. They're all mortals. What if he accidentally kills them? What should we do?

The high-ranking officials in the cultivation world were ecstatic: What? All four finalists are from our side? We're one step closer to killing Mu Zhe!

He Fengzhang sent a message of consolation overnight: "My good disciple! You're the best! Your master is proud of you! Poison Mu Zhe to death as soon as possible and return in triumph!"

Wen Ruan curled her lips, took off the spirit stone disguised as an earring, and threw herself onto the bed in despair.

With a loud thud, she saw a row of golden stars in front of her, spinning around.

She was now Mu Zhe's concubine, living in a separate palace that was allocated to her.

The place was spacious with no unnecessary decorations.

Only a massive candelabrum, like a tree, stood against the wall, adorned with flickering candlelight, casting a warm yellow hue on the white gauze canopy hanging over the bed.

Honestly, it provided shelter and protection from the wind and rain. The living conditions weren't bad.

But there was no heating here.

And no charcoal fire.

And no blankets!!!!

Underneath the thin and pitiful layer of blanket, she tapped on the hard bed. She couldn't figure out what material it was made of.

If she slept on this for a night, she would lose all feeling from her waist.

Wen Ruan let out a long sigh and climbed out of bed. She squatted by the candelabrum, rubbing her hands together, hoping to warm herself by it.

But the window wasn't tightly shut, and a gust of cold wind blew in, causing the candle flame to flicker and, to her horror, go out with a hiss.

Wen Ruan thought, “The heavens want me dead.”

"Host, why don't you try traditional methods to ward off the cold?" 

996 cautiously suggested: "For example... go for a run around 20 laps?"

The room wasn't very dark. The moon tonight was bright and cast a gentle, watery light through the window, washing the hearts of countless strangers in its tranquility.

Wen Ruan hugged her knees and squatted within that diamond-shaped patch of light, staring blankly at the round moonbeam through the gap in the window, with tiny water reflections shimmering in her eyes.

She suddenly regretted locking her storage bag in the spiritual mansion. Otherwise, in this unfamiliar world, she would at least have a lamp that belonged to her.

"What's wrong, host?"

Wen Ruan sniffled her reddened nose from the cold and stood up from the floor, returning to her usual eccentric manner with a bright smile.

"Well, since I can't sleep anyway, it's nice to go out for a walk."

The Demon Palace was vast, but the number of people was pitifully few, to the point that even the guards couldn't be seen — it was said that Mu Zhe disliked crowds and preferred tranquility.

The moonlight was serene, and a slender figure wandered aimlessly, occasionally kicking at the accumulated snow on the path, creating faint sounds in the quiet night.

Wen Ruan brushed off the snowflakes from her shoulders, doing chest-expanding exercises as she walked, trying to warm herself up as much as possible.

She took a deep breath of the chilling air, feeling a bit bored, and started to make conversation out of nothing. "996, let me recite a poem for you."

996 transformed into a chinchilla and burrowed into her arms. "What kind of poem?"

"It's a poem from my hometown."

She suddenly felt inspired, raising 996 high in her hands, smiling as she began, "When the fresh snow clears up."

996 let out a startled cry and held onto her hand tightly.

"And the full moon hangs in the sky." She spun it around and around, her blue skirt swirling like flowers.

"Below, a bright shadow spreads; above, a shining silver flows."

Wen Ruan tossed 996 into the air and caught it steadily, listening to its alarmed and changed pitch of cries. She laughed uncontrollably, continuing her recitation:

"And you, with a smile, walk toward me."

"Between the moonlight and the snow..."

At that moment, she caught a glimpse of a figure from the corner of her eye and couldn't help but stop her actions.

The person had a jade-like appearance with slightly closed phoenix eyes. Under the shimmering light and shadow, a tall nose bridge formed a layer of contrasting lines, casting a shadow on their face, giving them an inexplicable sense of fragility.

Wen Ruan lifted her long lashes, her glass-like black eyes reflecting the image of that young man in black robes. She stared blankly for a long time, murmuring:

"You are the third kind of beauty."

996's eyes sparkled with golden stars from being tossed by her, and as soon as she finally stopped, it immediately transformed into light and dove into her mind.

It was too terrifying. It would never casually transform again in the future!

In front of her were a dozen or so stone steps, and on the steps was a large wooden circular chair.

Mu Zhe lazily lounged in it, his robes filled with the distant moonlight. The black robes flowed gracefully on the ground, and the embroidered amaryllis flowers reflected the coldness with scattered stars made of gold and silver threads.

He closed his eyes, his chest rising and falling weakly, looking as if...

Wen Ruan shivered and vigorously shook her head, forcefully discarding these inappropriate thoughts from her mind.

In the middle of the night, this guy has a luxurious palace to stay in, yet he came here to enjoy the cold breeze. There’s probably something wrong with his brain.

The current situation didn't quite match her delicate and timid character. It would be best to leave quietly before being noticed.

She lifted her skirt, tiptoed, and silently turned around.

One step, two steps, three steps...

"Stop right there."

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