High Energy QR Code

Chapter 105: Equippable QR Code

Chapter 105: Equipped QR Codes

This was the first time Yan Hebi had ever received such a warm smile from Xing Ye in this world. His face was filled with surprise as he accepted the card, "Oh? Yiyi, are you giving me this as a souvenir? I'm happy, but I can't take it out of the world! Does it have your contact information in the real world? Medical card, name, Xing Ye. Oh, so it wasn't Ye as in leaves. Huh, your name sounds kind of masculine. Gender: Male. Symptoms- wait, gender... male?!?!"

Yan Hebi thought Xing Ye's given name was 叶 as in tree leaves (a common feminine name), but it's actually 烨 (blaze of fire), a more common name for boys.

When he read the last word, he nearly screamed. Xing Ye, who was sitting beside him, found it a bit grating and covered his ears. But then thinking further, he decided it was impolite and put his hands down.

Cao Qian and Guan Ling quickly retreated, staying as far away as possible. They hid in the shadows, watching the two.

Yan Hebi stared at Xing Ye, dumbfounded, "Yiyi, do you mean that you're actually a girl in real life, but the system gave you this body to make things harder for you?"

Xing Ye flashed a polite smile, "No, I'm actually male in real life. The system gave me a female identity to make it difficult for me."

"No, I don't believe it!" Yan Hebi said emotionally, "The Yiyi I know is a very conscientious girl. She would never deliberately hide that from me. She's not that kind of person."

Xing Ye explained, "I did want to tell you before, but I turned mad. Afterwards, I found that every time I tried to tell someone about my gender, I would go mad."

Yan Hebi: "..."

Xing Ye continued, "This is actually the first time I've experienced a world with amnesia and cross-dressing. It was hard and confusing for me as well."

But his expression showed no signs of panic, just complete calm.

Tears almost fell from Yan Hebi's eyes. He covered his chest and said, "My heart! I swore I'd love and never regret. This is the first time I met a girl that I liked so much!"

His lips trembled uncontrollably, as if he could hardly speak.

Xing Ye extended a friendly hand to him, "I'm sorry, but in real life, I'm also about 185 cm tall, similar to you. Being a girl is impossible. But since we appreciate each other, we could be teammates. After this game, your points should be enough to enter the high level worlds, right? We can add each other as friends now, and meet up in the high level worlds later."

Guan Ling whispered to Cao Qian, "Say, how could the boss still smile in this kind of situation, extend a hand of friendship to Yan Hebi, and invite him to the team? That level of sham-"

He swallowed the "shamelessness" that was about to come out and replaced it with, "That level of mentality is amazing! No wonder the boss is so strong, it's all because of his formidable mentality. I'll probably never be able to reach the Boss's level."

Cao Qian just said, "Men."

Yan Hebi pushed away Xing Ye's hand, "No! I hope I never see you again. Every time I see you, my heart hurts! Let's just forget each other from now on!"

"In that case, I respect your choice," Xing Ye politely withdrew his hand. "I also feel a bit awkward about it. If we were to bump into each other by chance, I wouldn't know how to face you. Let's part ways here."

"Thank you for understanding. I hope I never see you again!" Yan Hebi turned his face away, refusing to look at Xing Ye's face, which was still very attractive to him.

He really wanted to slap himself. Why did he like that face so much?

Guan Ling whispered again, "Say, if two opposing fate players don't want to meet in the high level worlds, then the chances of them bumping into each other is..."

"100%." Cao Qian shook her head.

It's unclear if Xing Ye's tripled points in this world would be enough to enter the advanced world.

Under the strange gazes of Ge Kuangyi and three following fate players, the siren sounded from outside the building, and everyone finally received the system's prompt.

"Mission Accomplished: Player Xing Ye, Cao Qian, Guan Ling, Yan Hebi, and Ge Kuangyi worked together to find 180 people with human faces and beast hearts, earning a total of 18,000 points for the successful completion of the mission. Based on their individual contributions, Xing Ye received 8,000 points, Guan Ling and Cao Qian 3,000 points each, Yan Hebi and Ge Kuangyi 3,000 and 1,000 points respectively. In addition, Player Xing Ye chose the hard mode and received three times the points, obtaining a total of 24,000 points. Congratulations to Players Xing Ye, Cao Qian, Guan Ling, Yan Hebi, and Ge Kuangyi for a perfect completion of the mission."

The system didn't mention the three following fate players at all, which indicated they had failed this world.

After the prompt, everyone returned to the system space. Xing Ye, in the black and white space, finally regained his original body. The black and white Rubik's Cube floated in front of him and said, "Player x8205, you are truly outstanding. You managed to complete the hard mode even with amnesia."

Xing Ye didn't speak, still digesting his memories from the past three days.

Even though he seemed calm facing Yan Hebi earlier, his brain was actually in a daze as it frantically worked to absorb the memories from his amensia.

The mission plot was not the main concern; what really mattered to him was his interactions with the little mirror and his changing emotions

Even for someone like Xing Ye, he had never faced such a situation before, and actually felt a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, Yan Hebi were even more flustered, which gave Xing Ye some peace of mind.

After a moment of silence, Xing Ye finally spoke, "Why didn't you make me the measles patient? Without my memory, I might have died on the first day."

The black and white Rubik's Cube replied, "The system didn't want you to face the true ending directly. According to the system's calculations, the probability of you successfully completing the first day in a feverish state on the 19th floor was 99%. Since it's on hard mode, the failure rate needed to be increased."

"Is that so? If I passed on the first day, I wouldn't be in this situation now." Xing Ye smiled bitterly. He had racked up a lot of emotional debt in this world.

Yan Hebi was fine. It was obvious that he was straight and just confused by the face the system created. Two days time wouldn't be enough to fall that deeply in love. With young people and their love, a few days of drinking would fix it.

It was the little mirror that Xing Ye felt complicated about. When he thought back to his experiences in the game world, all the things like his fits of madness, tennis skirts, denim skirts, ultra-short skirts, they all paled in comparison to a lipstick print.

Back in the system space, the little mirror resumed it In reality, this was just a misunderstanding caused by amnesia in the game, something that could probably be resolved with two days of getting drunk, just like Yan and Bi. appearance as a miniature makeup mirror and quietly sat beside Xing Ye. If Xing Ye didn't open the mirror's lid, he couldn't speak.

Normally, Xing Ye would open the lid when he returned to the system space, as he didn't want to make the little mirror feel uncomfortable. But now...

How was he supposed to explain that lipstick mark?

In reality, this was just a misunderstanding caused by amnesia in the game world, something that could probably be resolved with a few days of drinking like Yan Hebi's problem.

Xing Ye opened his phone and checked the item description of the little mirror. The favorability between them had reached 90.

Favorability Level: 90. My goodness, the relationship between the player and the item has reached a level where they could immediately go get a marriage certificate without it feeling awkward. Many loving couples in the real world don't even have such a high level of intimacy. Now, in the player's eyes, the mirror is probably the cutest person in the world, and in the mirror's eyes, the player was the most handsome person in the world.

At the end of the text, there were even two hearts pierced by an arrow, in pink.

The system really knew how to make jokes. How could such a thing happen? And besides, Lu Mingze was always the best-looking and cutest person in the world. The increased favorability had nothing to do with it- that was a fact.

Thinking up to there, Xing Ye suddenly covered his mouth. His thoughts didn't seem right just now...

Things seemed to be getting out of control.

His face turned slightly red as he sat silently in the system space. The black and white Rubik's Cube moved back and forth in front of Xing Ye, saying, "Player? Even if your mood is very complicated right now, please accept this book and choose your rewards for this world."

A book floated in front of Xing Ye, waiting for him to accept it.

Xing Ye took the book, titled "Stories from the Hospital". When he saw the ending that said, "The bad people were punished, and everything returned to peace," he couldn't help but chuckle.

Setting aside the feelings of those two alien creatures, it did seem like it had a pretty happy ending.

Xing Ye placed the book on the reincarnation bookshelf, where there were only four books. To reach the level required to clear the final stage, he needed one more book.

His points hadn't been settled yet. He accumulated a total of 39,000 points in this world, but he had also spent a lot. It was uncertain whether it would be enough to enter the high level world.

He needed to choose a reward, but to do that, he needed to open the mirror. The QR code he would receive should be for the mirror, so he couldn't just exclude him.

Xing Ye took a deep breath, maintaining a perfectly calm expression, and opened the mirror.

Lu Mingze's face appeared in the mirror, caught in a yawn. "You took quite a while to open the mirror this time. Are you embarrassed and don't know how to face me? You forgot me three times!"

"I'm sorry." Xing Ye looked at the reflection, finding it hard to tear his eyes away. Lu Mingze was just too good-looking.

"It's fine, it was caused by amnesia anyways. I really liked how cheerful and creative you were after losing your memory. Were you like this when you were in college?" the mirror asked.

Lu Mingze's face carried a mischievous grin, seemingly relishing all the things Xing Ye had done in just three short days. It was so funny!

"At that time, I was young, and my parents spoiled me. I was carefree and willing to try anything. But now, I've learned to take on responsibilities, and I have more obligations. I can't act as impulsively as before. But it's better this way. I'm no longer at an age where I can be reckless," Xing Ye replied simply.

The mirror looked regretful, "Sigh, I think you were cuter when you had amnesia. But kissing people whenever isn't good! Did you want to kiss everyone you saw during university?"

"No!" Xing Ye quickly retorted. "I was completely focused on studying and improving my abilities. Besides, I was a bit arrogant back then. I felt that none of my female classmates could match me in terms of studies. Later on, something happened with my family and I was too busy to have time for romance. I finally got some breathing room these past two years, but maybe because I'm getting older, it's hard to accept a stranger. People tried arranging blind dates for me, but I never liked it and always declined."

Only after speaking did Xing Ye realize he didn't need to explain his lack of a love life to Lu Mingze.

"Are you what they call a lifelong bachelor?" The mirror said. "Actually, I'm one too. I'm 24 this year, and I've never been in a relationship. Although I'm five years younger than you, I'm not that young anymore. You don't need to feel embarrassed, we're the same."

"Oh? You've also always been single?" Xing Ye's mouth couldn't help but curl into a smile. He wiped his face with his hand, struggling to suppress it.

The mirror was a little embarrassed, "I want to like someone! When I was a teenager, I also liked to admire pretty girls. When I was studying abroad, a lot of boys and girls confessed their feelings to me. But every time I wanted to try dating, I'd look in the mirror and feel like I didn't actually like anyone. I couldn't treat other people's feelings so casually, so I turned them down."

Xing Ye remained silent for a moment before saying, "You wouldn't be one of those people who, as soon as you start to like someone a little, immediately find out you're a thousand times better-looking than them and lose all interest, right?"

"How did you know?" In the mirror, Lu Mingze covered his face with his hands. "I know it's a bit narcissistic, but if people could control what they feel, there wouldn't be people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses."

Xing Ye asked, "Were there men pursuing you while you were studying abroad?"

The small mirror nodded. "When I was in China, I sensed some people were interested in me, but that was during high school and the enviornment wasn't very supportive of such relationships. Everyone was shy and didn't dare confess to me. But when I was studying abroad, there were many people. They were more open-minded. I also don't see anything wrong with liking someone of the same sex. Besides, I'm not heterosexual nor homosexual, and certainly not bisexual. I'm Lu Mingze-sexual, or a narcissist."

"You're pretty open about being a narcissist." Xing Ye said.

"I have no choice. Who made me look like this?" The small mirror touched his own face. "You don't have to feel embarrassed about kissing me in the game. My mom still can't help but kiss my face sometimes. I'm too good-looking. It's not something anyone can control."

After chatting for a while, Xing Ye finally understood that if the little mirror's favorability towards him was at 90, then his favorability towards himself was probably at 1,000.

Just chatting with the mirror made Xing Ye feel very happy and want to continue talking. However, the black and white Rubik's Cube couldn't wait any longer and asked, "Player x8205, are you planning to give up all the items and QR codes?"

Xing Ye quickly replied, "No, I choose two QR codes."

The opportunity to enhance the mirror's abilities was something Xing Ye wouldn't miss.

"Are you not going to ask what the items are?" The black and white Rubik's Cube inquired.

"There's no need to ask," Xing Ye said. "I'm not interested."

"Very well. Since the player chose hard mode, the rewards are tripled, so the QR codes can also be drawn three times. Let's start with the first QR code.

The QR codes are also tripled? The reward's pretty good. Xing Ye had been a little worried about entering the high level world too quickly and missing the chance to draw more QR codes. He didn't want the mirror's abilities to fall behind.

After drawing the first QR code, Xing Ye immediately scanned it and equipped it to the mirror.

Once equipped, the mirror said, "Strange, I don't feel any different. I don't see any improvement in skills either."

Xing Ye and the mirror looked at the introduction on the phone together: Prop Equippable QR code: Crossover Type. Equipping this QR code allows the prop to accompany the player to the real world in the form of an item. This is limited to items similar to the original prop. For example, entering a mirror to return to the real world.

Mirror: "Huh? I can return to the real world now!"

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